House GOP receiving subpoenaed testimony from former Biden family associates as part of impeachment inquiry

 January 30, 2024

As part of their ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, House Republicans will hear testimony this week from a pair of former Biden family associates who were previously subpoenaed to deliver sworn depositions.

It is hoped that those two individuals, Eric Schwerin and Joey Langston, will provide information in support of the allegations that Joe Biden and others in his family improperly peddled the family name to gain financial benefits in exchange for providing access and political favors, according to Fox News.

The scheduled closed-door depositions follow similarly subpoenaed transcribed interviews with two of Hunter Biden's former business associates, Rob Walker and Mervyn Yan, and set the stage for a negotiated interview with Hunter himself in late February.

Former Biden family associates to testify

The impending subpoenaed depositions with former Biden family associates were announced jointly earlier in January by House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH), who are leading the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden in conjunction with House Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith (R-MO).

"Hunter Biden will appear before our committees for a deposition on February 28, 2024. His deposition will come after several interviews with Biden family members and associates. We look forward to Hunter Biden’s testimony," Comer and Jordan said.

Before finally hearing from Hunter, however, the committees will first depose at least five former associates, including Yan and Walker last week, Eric Schwerin and Joey Langston this week, and Tony Bobulinski in the first week of February.

Witnesses involved in Biden family finances

Of the two depositions scheduled for this week, Fox News reported that first up was Schwerin, who previously worked alongside Hunter Biden at his Rosemont Seneca investment firm and served as a sort of financial adviser and accountant for the family, including then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Evidence and prior testimony from others have revealed that Schwerin and the elder Biden emailed each other dozens of times, predominately during Biden's tenure as VP and often with Biden using various aliases to conceal his identity.

It has been noted that Schwerin, who was described as "the architect of the Biden family’s shell companies," personally handled Biden's finances and tax returns, and that there was typically a flurry of communications between them before and after Biden's visits to Ukraine at the same time that Hunter held a lucrative position on the board of corrupt Ukrainian energy firm Burisma.

For what it is worth, though, Schwerin has previously proclaimed his ignorance of any alleged criminal or improper behavior by Biden family members.

Following Schwerin, the committees will hear from Joey Langston, a former Biden campaign donor and fundraiser who was convicted in 2008 of attempting to bribe a federal judge and, as a result, served three years in prison and was disbarred as a lawyer -- yet appears in bank records as an attorney and adviser and financial benefactor to Biden's brother and sister-in-law, James and Sarah Biden.

Hunter Biden to finally be deposed in February

It is believed that the sworn testimony of several former Biden family associates will not only advance the impeachment inquiry against President Biden but also provide fodder for the delayed questioning of Hunter Biden.

The Daily Wire reported that the scheduled hearing with the president's son was the result of negotiations with his attorney to avoid a contempt of Congress charge after Hunter blew off a previous subpoenaed appearance in December followed by his taunting of committee members by showing up at a contempt hearing but then leaving when they tried to ask him questions.

If any of the witnesses who are scheduled to be interviewed end up sharing critical and damning information about the Biden family, it seems likely that such information will lead to possible articles of impeachment for the president and criminal referrals for family members.

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