House Intel Chairman Pushes For Biden Indictment

 October 16, 2023

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner, a Republican from Ohio, recently suggested that Joe Biden needed to be indicted for his retention of classified American government materials.

Turner needed only two words to describe just how serious of an issue this was for Joe Biden:

"Serial Hoarder.

Turner made the remarks during Sunday's edition of CBS' "Face The Nation."

He was asked about comments that he made recently about the fact that "Biden and former President Donald Trump needed to be treated equally in terms of their treatment under the law for their retention of classified material."

Turner called the actions of both presidents "the same."

"Well, when you look at the documents, both the classification level and the subject matter, both sides, Trump and Biden’s documents, if they had been released in the public or gotten into the hands of nefarious parties, would be damaging to the United States national security. When I look at those documents, there are documents on both sides, equally egregious, that would have negative consequences to our means, methods, techniques and- and our allies. Now, in this instance, I think President Biden needs the same consequences that they pursue with President Trump. The actions are the same."

Turner said that our current situation is the result of America's Justice Department not applying the rules equally:

"You’re continuing to see the inequality that comes out of the Justice Department," Turner said.

"As there’s silence on the other side with respect to Biden’s- and by the way, he was a serial classified document hoarder. I reviewed documents that were from all the time that he’s been in government. This really is a very serious breach by President Biden."

Turner was asked "if he had personally witnessed evidence of a crime from the documents that were recovered from Biden."

Turner's answer was clear:


"I have seen evidence of the fact that classified documents of some of the highest levels have been mishandled by President Biden," Turner concluded.

Do you think that Turner is right about this? A lot of Americans do, but it's not easy to indict somebody.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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