House issues subpoenas for Hunter Biden, other family members and associates

 November 9, 2023

The House Oversight Committee on Wednesday subpoenaed Hunter Biden to testify before it along with a number of other Biden family members and former business associates. 

Former Biden business associate Rob Walker and brother of the president James Biden will also need to appear before the committee, and a number of others including Sarah Biden, Melissa Cohen, Hallie Biden, and her sister Elizabeth Secundy have all been asked for transcribed interviews.

The panel also wants to speak with Tony Bobulinski, another associate of Hunter Biden who has previously said President Joe Biden was the "big guy" who got payments from some of his son's overseas business dealings.

In a press release, committee chair James Comer (R-KY) said there would be more subpoenas and transcribed interview requests later this week.

"Smear campaign"

Special counsel David Weiss gave voluntary testimony on Tuesday to the House Judiciary Committee, which seeks information on whether Hunter Biden was given any special treatment during a years-long investigation into his business practices and whether investigators were prevented from including Joe Biden in the investigation.

The White House said the subpoenas were a part of a "smear campaign" against Biden to distract the country from Republicans' failures.

“With just over a week to go until House Republicans may again thrust the country into a harmful and chaotic government shutdown, the most extreme voices in their party like James Comer are trying to distract from their repeated failures to govern,” White House oversight spokesperson Ian Sams said in a memo.

“Despite spending millions of taxpayer dollars to conduct this probe, they have turned up no evidence to support their outlandish allegations of bribery and ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’ which they claim are motivating their open-ended ‘impeachment inquiry,’” he went on.

Highly illegal

It's clear that Biden is desperate to distract the American public from the investigation, which in all likelihood will end up showing that the Biden family was selling access to its patriarch and that highly illegal favors were done to keep the cash rolling in.

Biden has no business being president if this sort of scheme is even potentially true.

He makes the U.S. look like a banana republic and tarnishes its integrity on a daily basis both with the suspicion of corruption and with his diminished capacity to lead.

Richard Nixon resigned his presidency for far less suspicion than Biden is under right now, because in 1974 the integrity of the country was seen as important.

US sinking

If we don't return to that kind of thinking, the U.S. will sink a lot further down in its reputation in the world, and who knows how that will embolden China, Russia and other adversaries to take advantage of our reduced status.

Biden and Democrats are playing a dangerous game to hold onto their power, and it could have disastrous consequences for the entire world.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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