House Judiciary Committee has obtained "thousands" of financial documents tied to Biden family

 April 20, 2023
Fox News reported last month that the House Judiciary Committee had obtained bank records showing Biden family members received at least a million dollars originating from a Chinese company.
This week, House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Comer announced that Republicans are one step closer to learning exactly who the Bidens have been dealing with.  

Committee has obtained "thousands of pages of financial records"

According to the Daily Wire, Comer and other committee members recently gained access to suspicious activity reports (SARs) relating to Hunter Biden after reaching an agreement with the Treasury Department.

SARs are documents which must be filed by financial institutions whenever a client engages in behavior that could constitute a red flag.

"Thousands of pages of financial records related to the Biden family, their companies, and associates’ business schemes were made available to members of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, which confirm the importance of this investigation," Comer was quoted as saying in a statement.

"The Biden family enterprise is centered on Joe Biden’s political career and connections, and it has generated an exorbitant amount of money for the Biden family," he insisted.

Ted Cruz accuses Treasury secretary of being "complicit in the coverup"

"We’ve identified six additional members of Joe Biden’s family who may have benefited from the Biden family’s businesses that we are investigating, bringing the total number of those involved or benefiting to nine," the Kentucky congressman went on to add.

Meanwhile, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz suggested in a tweet on Wednesday that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen may be attempting to shield the president's family.

"The US Department of Treasury needs to release every Suspicious Activity Report related to the Biden family," he declared, adding, "If Janet Yellen doesn’t release the reports, she is complicit in the coverup."

"Janet Yellen has a choice right now"

Cruz reiterated that message during an appearance on his "Verdict" podcast, saying, "When we’ve got members of Congress seeing this report who are horrified, who are appalled, they’re going, 'Holy cow, how is there so much money flowing from China?'"

"Janet Yellen has a choice right now. She is not innocent in this. Now, there’s no evidence that Janet Yellen was part and parcel of the Biden family business profiting off Communist China," he stressed.

"But if she doesn’t release those reports, she is complicit in the cover up. So Secretary Yellen, release every single suspicious activity report on the Biden family," Cruz demanded.

"There’s no national security reason to keep them private. There’s no reason whatsoever other than if you want to be part of a political cover up," he concluded.

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