House Republican to introduce bill aimed at Fani Willis

 February 9, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has been dogged by scandal since it emerged that she hired her then-married lover Nathan Wade to help prosecute former President Donald Trump.

In response, one Republican member of Congress is introducing a bill aimed at stopping behavior like the kind Willis engaged in. 

Bill would withhold federal funds from corrupt prosecutors

According to Fox News, the legislation is called the Against Federal Funds for Allowing Inappropriate Relationships (AFFAIR) Act and was drafted by Florida Rep. Cory Mills.

It seeks to prohibit federal funding to the office of "any state or local chief prosecutor if any individual in such office has been convicted for engaging in corruption or any other unlawful activity."

Fox News reported earlier this year that Wade has been paid some $654,000 worth of legal fees since January 2022, including $2,000 for attending a White House meeting.

This is despite the fact that Wade lacks any experience in prosecuting cases related to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, the law under which Trump and his associates have been indicted.

In fact, Wade has been allowed to bill taxpayers $250 per hour, which is $100 per hour more than John Floyd, another attorney who is said to have "considerable knowledge" in trying RICO cases.

Mills accuses Willis of engaging in "lawfare for election interference"

Fox News noted that Mills argued for his legislation in a statement released earlier this week to the Washington Examiner.

"Not only was Fani Willis’ relationship with Nathan Wade extremely inappropriate and creates concerns around a conflict of interest, but it also potentially shows violations of bias against political opposition, and lawfare for election interference," Mills was quoted as saying.

"Under no circumstance should federal funds be sent to a state or local office if there is unlawful and unethical activity taking place," the lawmaker declared.

Mills concluded by saying that he is "proud to introduce the AFFAIR Act to ensure American taxpayer dollars will not be misappropriated or weaponized due to unlawful and unethical activities."

Attorney suggests scandal could get Trump's case dismissed

However, a new federal law may not be Willis' most pressing concern as Georgia attorney and Townhall columnist Philip Holloway suggested to Fox News host Harris Faulkner last month that Trump's case could get dismissed.

"If it can be proven she violated the constitution in the way of substitute due process claims, that she was fundamentally unfair in how she carried out her prosecutorial duties, then that could result in a dismissal (of the case)," Holloway explained.

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