House Republicans claim Brazil's supreme court has been targeting Elon Musk

 April 21, 2024

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives claim that they have evidence showing that the Supreme Court of Brazil has been targeting Elon Musk. 

The evidence, according to the Associated Press, comes from the House Judiciary Committee, which is led by U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

The committee, according to the outlet, has released a 541-page report showing how a member of Brazil's supreme court has ordered X - Musk's social media company - to either suspend or remove certain user profiles.

The committee got this information for this report from subpoenas.

Here are the findings:

There are two big ones. First, as mentioned, Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes has ordered Musk to either ban or suspend the profiles of about 150 X users. And, second, Moraes has ordered Musk not to reveal these orders from the Brazilian Supreme Court.

The Associated Press reports, "The secret orders disclosed by the congressional committee had been issued both by Brazil’s Supreme Court and its top electoral court, over which de Moraes currently presides."

The bans ordered by De Moraes include the bans of elected officials and journalists.

Investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger has detailed this.

He revealed:

Given the dependence of elected leaders on social media, these demands for bans may constitute electoral interference. In one case, De Moraes demanded that all major social media platforms, including at least one, Twitter, which did not publish the offending material, ban a federal Congressman, Marcel Van Hattem. The TSE had claimed that Van Hattem had criticized the election results. Not only had Van Hattan’s video not been related to the elections, but it was also a criticism of the Labor Department. It was released one day before the election.

What's going on?

Musk and De Moraes have locked horns in recent months. At one point, Musk accused De Moraes of violating the constitution and even called for his ouster, to which De Moraes responded with an investigation of Musk.

The Associated Press, in its report, explains what it is that Musk - and others - have taken issue with regarding De Moraes.

The outlet reports, "De Moraes has overseen a five-year probe of so-called “digital militias,” who allegedly spread defamatory fake news and threats to Supreme Court justices. The investigation expanded to include those inciting demonstrations across the country, seeking to overturn Bolsonaro’s 2022 election loss . . ."

The outlet goes on to report that "De Moraes’ critics claim he has abused his powers and shouldn’t be allowed to unilaterally ban social media accounts . . . But most legal experts see his brash tactics as legally sound and furthermore justified by extraordinary circumstances of democracy imperiled."

De Moraes has not commented on the House committees' report.

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