House Small Business Committee subpoenas Biden's top SBA officials over voter access program

 May 8, 2024

President Joe Biden's 2024 campaign is especially struggling in key swing states like Michigan, so it should come as no surprise that his administration is pulling out the bag of dirty election tricks. 

According to Fox News, Biden's Small Business Administration (SBA) was subpoenaed this week by the House Committee on Small Business after two key SBA members failed to appear for a scheduled hearing regarding serious discussions about an alleged diversion of resources to register Democrat voters in Michigan.

The House committee believes there "is a lack of transparency on alleged efforts by the Biden administration to funnel resources to a key swing state to register voters in a move they say could be unconstitutional."

The program, according to the committee, is "diverting its resources away from assisting Main Street so it can register Democrat voters."

Subpoenas issued

The Small Business Committee issued subpoenas after SBA Chief of Staff Arthur Plews and his special adviser, Tyler Robinson, were no-shows at the scheduled hearing.

They also reportedly failed to turn over requested documents related to the program in question. Imagine that.

The subpoenas were historic in the sense that the Small Business Committee rarely issues them. Not only that, it's the first time the chairman has subpoenaed the SBA and the first subpoena issued from the committee in 10 years.

Fox News noted:

In March, Biden’s SBA announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Michigan Department of State to "promote civic engagement and voter registration in Michigan" that it called the "first-of-its-kind collaboration" and that will run through Jan. 1, 2036.

In a press release, SBA Administrator Isabel Casillas Guzman said the partnership "will help connect Michiganders to vital voter registration information from the State of Michigan so that more small business owners can exercise their right to vote."

The program stems from one of Biden's 2021 executive orders which directed federal agencies to promote "access to voting." That's a problem for many, as it appears the government is using its agencies to register voters in a state that will be crucial in deciding the 2024 election.

The chairman weighs in

House Small Business Committee Chair Roger Williams (R-TX) released a statement on the subpoena actions.

"The fact that we are having to issue subpoenas to speak with SBA officials is extremely disappointing," Williams said.

"The committee has given these two individuals the opportunity to speak with us voluntarily without taking these actions, but this appears to be the only way to get them to comply with our oversight responsibilities. The American people deserve answers and transparency on the electioneering activities of the SBA and how they plan on inserting themselves in the upcoming federal elections," he added.

Only time will tell if the two Biden officials ultimately comply with the subpoenas.

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