Huge majority of Americans say Biden is too old: poll

September 6, 2023

Poll after poll has sent the same message: Americans think Biden is too old and they don't like the job he's doing.

The Wall Street Journal released a poll Monday which found that 73% of Americans think Biden is too old for his role. 47% said the same about President Trump, who is just a few years younger than 80-year-old Biden.

The same poll found Trump ahead of Biden by one point in a hypothetical rematch in 2024. 40% of voters preferred Trump, compared to 39% for Biden.

Biden too old: poll

Beyond age concerns, Biden is up to his knees in corruption - but it's unclear if the truth about his family's influence peddling is breaking through to the voting public, as the media continue to cover it all up.

The Wall Street Journal poll found that Biden is generally more likeable than Trump and perceived as modestly less corrupt - but Trump is perceived as more vigorous and fit.

48% called Biden likeable, but 60 percent said he is not mentally up to his job. On the other hand, just 31% said Trump is likeable, but 49% said he's not mentally fit for duty.

50% said Biden is dishonest, and 48% said Biden is corrupt - while 58% said Trump is corrupt, and 57% said he is dishonest.

A recent AP poll had similar results, finding voters associate Biden with fragility more than corruption - which might actually be good news for Biden, relatively speaking.

Voters say Trump was a good president

Biden has sought to spin his age into a positive, claiming he gained "wisdom" from spending decades in Washington as a barnacled swamp creature.

"The only thing that comes with age is a little wisdom," he said Monday. "I've been doing this longer than anybody, and guess what, I'm going to continue to do it with your help."

Despite Biden's supposed "wisdom," the public is pessimistic about the direction of the country on his watch.

In fact, despite rating Trump as unlikeable, voters in the Wall Street Journal poll say he has a vision for the future (52%) and was a successful president (51%), while just 40% called Biden a successful president and 44% said he has a vision for the future.

Despite Biden's obvious weakness, the Democratic party elite appears to be moving toward a coronation - as prosecutors pursue an unprecedented effort to throw Trump, Biden's likely opponent in 2024, in jail.

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