Hunter Biden could go to jail before the election

 May 19, 2024

The Daily Mail just published a report highlighting the fact that Hunter Biden - the embattled son of President Joe Biden - could end up in jail before the upcoming presidential election. 

All the focus, of course, has been on the ongoing criminal trials of former President Donald Trump - despite the fact that bipartisan legal experts seem to agree that most of the charges that Trump is facing are sham charges designed by Democrats to help Biden's reelection chances.

This is quite different from the charges that Hunter Biden is facing, which aren't sham charges at all. In fact, it seems as though he was caught, fair and square, doing some clearly illegal activities.

On the one hand, Hunter Biden is facing tax evasion charges and, on the other, he is facing charges for having illegally obtained a firearm.

Hunter to jail?

As the Daily Mail puts it, Hunter Biden's legal troubles "are about to heat up." This is because both of his trials are set to begin next month.

This is despite the fact that Hutner Biden and his lawyers have tried, every chance they have gotten, to either have the charges dismissed or the trials delayed. The judges, though - at least thus far - have not given in to Biden.

One trial will take place in Delaware. This is the trial related to the gun charges. The other trial, regarding the tax evasion charges, will take place in California.

Hunter Biden is facing decades behind bars - up to 25 years for the gun charges and up to 17 years for the tax charges.

One would have to be extremely optimistic about our justice system, however, to believe that he will walk away with anything more than a slap on the wrist.

Biden family concerned

Politico recently published a report indicating that the Biden family and White House aides are extremely concerned about not only the Hunter Biden trials but the possibility of him serving time in prison.

"Three advisers granted anonymity to speak about private deliberations said they, and members of the First Family, are worried about the weight Hunter Biden’s trial will place on the president at an already difficult time for him politically," the outlet reported.

It goes on to reveal that "Biden has expressed fears to [White House aides] about the possibility that his son will serve time in prison."

Biden is said to be checking on his son "every day - usually with a call, sometimes by a text." This is expected to "continue through the trial."

One has to wonder whether all of this worrying is the product of a guilty mind. We'll leave that for you to decide

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