Hunter Biden has talked about fleeing the country if Trump wins: report

 December 15, 2023

Hunter Biden has discussed fleeing the United States if Donald Trump regains the presidency - a prospect that looks increasingly likely.

At a splashy press conference, the first son answered Trump's constant taunts of "Where's Hunter?" with the declaration, "I'm here."

Despite the display of bravado, Hunter is "worried that he might have to flee the country if Trump were to be elected president again," Politico reported.

Hunter FLEES....

Hunter Biden is facing charges for tax fraud and lying on a gun form, but many say the scandal goes deeper than that, implicating his father in an international money laundering scheme.

The first son made an attempt to take control of the narrative Wednesday with a speech outside the Capitol, where he was summoned to testify at a closed-door hearing. Hunter was defiant - blowing off a subpoena and accusing Republicans of spreading lies about him and his father for political gain.

"I am here to testify at a public hearing today, to answer any of the committees' legitimate questions," Biden said. "I am here."

Many say Hunter could now be charged with contempt of Congress for ignoring the subpoena.

Despite the charges he already faces, many say the Justice Department has treated Hunter with kid gloves to please his father.

That could change if Trump gets back into power. Trump has vowed to seek "retribution" if elected, and he hasn't ruled out governing like a "dictator" - at least on day one.

The Republican frontrunner says Biden has set a new precedent that would allow Trump to target his political enemies if he chose to do so.

Recent polls show that Trump is gaining momentum against Biden, despite a raft of criminal charges against Trump that he calls politically motivated.

Joe worried sick...

Joe Biden has expressed fears about what might happen "if his son were convicted or faced any sort of prison time," Politico reported.

The president is racked with guilt, believing his presidential run made Hunter a target.

As another divisive presidential election draws near, Joe is worried that his son's recovery from drug addiction could be jeopardized by the stress of coming under investigation.

"You can see it in his eyes, and you can see his shoulders slump,” said one confidant to Biden. “He’s so worried about Hunter. And we’re worried it could consume him.”

For his part, Hunter has accused Republicans of trying to "kill" him in order to destroy his father's presidency.

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