Hunter Biden hires lawyer with ties to Clintons, Jared Kushner

 December 26, 2022

Hunter Biden has hired a prominent D.C. lawyer with ties to the Clintons and President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner to help respond to the Republican party's upcoming congressional investigations of his business deals.

The corrupt, degenerate son of President Joe Biden has taken on Abbe Lowell, news reports said.

Hunter lawyering up

Lowell was on President Clinton's impeachment defense team. He also represented Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump against Democrat-led "Russian collusion" investigations.

One of Hunter's other lawyers, Kevin Morris, said that Lowell will handle "congressional investigations and general strategic advice" as the White House looks to draw attention from the Hunter Biden scandal.

"Hunter Biden has retained Abbe Lowell to help advise him and be part of his legal team to address the challenges he is facing," Morris said in a statement to NBC News.

"Lowell is a well-known Washington-based attorney who has represented numerous public officials and high-profile people in DOJ investigations and trials as well as Congressional Investigations."

White House desperate

Biden has long denied any knowledge of or involvement in his son's corrupt overseas business, despite a large body of evidence suggesting that Hunter Biden was the bag man for a family influence peddling scheme stretching from China to Ukraine.

With Republicans set to take over the House next week, Biden has angrily attacked the GOP's planned probes as "politically motivated attacks chock full of long-debunked conspiracy theories."

“President Biden is not going to let these political attacks distract him from focusing on Americans’ priorities, and we hope congressional Republicans will join us in tackling them instead of wasting time and resources on political revenge,” a White House spokesman said previously.

Despite Biden's claim that it's all partisan noise, Hunter Biden is also under scrutiny from the U.S. attorney in Delaware.

Corruption exposed

Hunter's father pledged upon assuming office that the Department of Justice would investigate his son impartially, but many are skeptical especially in light of evidence the FBI has worked to suppress the Hunter Biden scandal, which was wrongly dismissed as "Russian disinformation" before the 2020 election.

The so-called Twitter Files have exposed the FBI's close relationship with Twitter, which censored the Hunter Biden story on the pretext of "hacked materials" after receiving warnings from the feds that Hunter Biden would be the target of a "hack and leak."

Hunter Biden announced he was under federal investigation in December 2020, just weeks after the election was called for his father.

At the time, he said he would be vindicated following a "professional and objective review." Hunter Biden later paid off a massive tax bill totaling over $1 million, in an apparent attempt to limit legal liability.

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