Hunter Biden is deposed: Report

 June 17, 2023

The Washington Examiner reports that Hunter Biden - the son of President Joe Biden - was deposed on Friday. 

Hunter Biden, according to the outlet, was questioned by attornies, under oath, on the record, as part of the ongoing child support case that is taking place between Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts.

Biden and Roberts, a former stripper, have a four-year-old daughter named Navy.

The child was born in 2018, indicating that the child was conceived when Biden was in a relationship with Hallie Biden, the widow of Hunter Biden's deceased brother, Beau.


Initially, Biden disputed paternity, insisting that he was not the child's father. To this day, President Joe Biden has refused to acknowledge the child as his grandchild.

But, a court-ordered DNA test has proven, "with near scientific certainty," that Hunter Biden is the child's father. Accordingly, in 2020, a child support agreement was reached between Hunter Biden and Roberts.

Biden, however, is now trying to change the child support agreement, essentially arguing that he cannot afford the payments. Up until now, he has been paying Roberts $20,000 per month.

Roberts, for her part, is trying to keep the child support payments where they are. And, in addition to this, she is trying to obtain the right to give Navy the Biden surname, something that Hunter Biden is fighting.

The case is now picking up momentum after Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer, last month, told both parties to "get it done." Meyer did so after many delays.

The deposition

As stated, Biden was deposed on Friday. The Daily Mail reports that Roberts was present, a move that a source described as "highly unusual."

"Lunden has every right to be there – but it is highly unusual," said the source, adding, "Attending Hunter's deposition would have been a strategic choice and perhaps a head game. And, why not? It's harder for most people to be untruthful about a person in their presence."

Fox News reports that "Roberts’s attorneys [previously] filed a motion of contempt against Biden, claiming that he is not being honest about his income."

The outlet notes that this means that Biden could face jail time, were the contempt motion to be granted.

It is unclear how the deposition of Biden went and whether Roberts's attornies were finally able to get to the truth about Hunter Biden's financial situation. It is also expected that Roberts, herself, will be deposed this month.

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