Hunter Biden makes bid to dismiss tax charges

 February 22, 2024

Hunter Biden has asked for tax charges he faces in California to be dismissed, painting himself as the victim of political targeting by his father's Justice Department.

In rhetoric echoing President Trump's, lawyers for Hunter Biden said his prosecution is "vindictive" and that Special Counsel David Weiss was not lawfully appointed.

Weiss initially offered Hunter a notorious sweetheart plea deal that unraveled in court last summer.

Hunter Biden was then charged with lying on a gun form and spending "millions of dollars on an extravagant lifestyle" instead of paying his taxes.

Hunter wants charges dismissed

He pled not guilty to the tax charges in California last month.

The first son has long dismissed Weiss' probe as political, arguing he acted under pressure from Republicans and two IRS whistleblowers who alleged that the DOJ was stonewalling its probe into Hunter.

In a series of court motions Tuesday, Hunter's lawyer Abbe Lowell described an alleged pattern of bias against his client.

"The special counsel has gone to extreme lengths to bring charges against Mr. Biden that would not have been filed against anyone else," Lowell said.

Clinging to immunity agreement

Among other things, Lowell cited a controversial, sweeping immunity agreement that was part of the collapsed plea deal. Hunter's lawyers insist the agreement is still binding.

Lowell also argued Weiss was not lawfully appointed, and that leaks from IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler tainted the investigation.

"In numerous acts spanning months, these agents engaged in what is best described as vigilante justice in the court of public opinion, making a public mockery of the framework within which these types of investigations should be handled," Lowell wrote.

Biden's son to testify

Hunter Biden has made similar arguments before, but he is especially eager to flip the script after an informant who accused the Bidens of corruption was charged with lying to the FBI.

Alexander Smirnov was the source of a viral claim that Hunter and his father accepted a $10 million bribe from Ukrainian businessmen.

Hunter's lawyers say that Smirnov's claims led Weiss down a "rabbit hole of lies," and Democrats have broadly capitalized on Smirnov's arrest to dismiss the impeachment inquiry into the Bidens' business deals.

Hunter Biden will testify on February 28 about his role in the family's business deals.

The first son initially refused cooperation, appearing outside the Capitol at an extraordinary press conference where he painted himself as the victim of a political witch hunt.

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