Hunter Biden makes longshot effort to dismiss charges

 March 28, 2024

Hunter Biden's lawyers presented arguments for dismissing his tax charges at a hearing in California on Wednesday, but the judge was skeptical of granting the request. 

The president's son has mounted an aggressive defense, accusing the Justice Department of a political witch hunt driven by pressure from Donald Trump and Republicans.

But Judge Mark Scarsi said there "doesn't seem to be any evidence" of that beyond the timeline.

Hunter moves to dismiss

Last year, Hunter was offered a "sweetheart" plea agreement conferring broad immunity from prosecution, but the deal unraveled under the scrutiny of a judge.

Hunter was later charged with tax and gun crimes by Special Counsel David Weiss, who had been accused by Republicans of going easy on Hunter as two IRS whistleblowers publicly accused the DOJ of giving him favorable treatment throughout its years-long investigation into his finances.

At Wednesday's hearing, Hunter's lawyer Abbe Lowell pressed the judge to "connect the dots," but he remained skeptical, calling the evidence "smoke" without "fire."

"It's a timeline, but it's a pretty juicy timeline," Lowell responded.

The judge was also unreceptive to Lowell's argument that Hunter is still covered by the broad immunity deal that was attached to his collapsed plea agreement.

Judge pushes back

Weiss' team hotly objected to the charge that they were doing the work of Trump, leading the judge to step in.

“We are just looking at the facts and law,” Scarsi said. “All of the aspersions cast off one another just roll off.”

Hunter Biden was not present for the hearing. He is facing 17 years in prison for dodging taxes on million in foreign income that he received from shadowy international business deals, all while leading an extravagant lifestyle.

If the tax charges stand, Hunter could face back-to-back trials in June. Hunter is also facing gun charges in Delaware, which he has challenged on similar grounds of political motive.

He has pled not guilty to all the charges, while casting himself, in broad terms, as the victim of a witch hunt led by "MAGA Republicans."

Democrats have been eager to distinguish Hunter's legal woes from allegations that he engaged in corrupt profiteering with his father in China and Ukraine.

While Republicans appear to be backing away from impeachment, they have suggested making criminal referrals for members of the "Biden crime family" to the Justice Department.

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