Hunter Biden prosecutors move to drop one of his gun charges

 October 7, 2023

Hunter Biden's lawyers are working overtime to make sure he suffers as little as possible, legally speaking.

According to the Associated Press, prosecutors moved last week to drop one of the gun charges he faced as part of his previously collapsed plea deal.

The AP called it a procedural step in that prosecutors seek to remove a charge "alleging he broke a law against drug users having guns when he bought a gun in 2018, during a period he has acknowledged struggling with addiction."

Hunter Biden currently faces three gun-related charges under Special Counsel David Weiss.

What's going on?

Hunter Biden and his lawyers previously believed they were in the clear, and struck a "sweetheart" plea deal that sparked immediate outrage, and further evidenced that a two-tier justice system is in place, depending on who you're related to or how much money you have.

The deal ultimately fell apart at the last minute.

The AP noted:

Hunter Biden had been expected to avoid prosecution on the gun charge and plead guilty to misdemeanor tax counts in an agreement with prosecutors. But the deal collapsed after a judge raised questions about it in a July hearing and the new indictment was filed weeks later.

On Tuesday, Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to the three charges he faces in the indictment.

So far, Special Counsel Weiss has not filed any new tax-related charges against the president's son, but many believe it's coming soon.

New twist

Later in the week, Hunter Biden's situation took a wild twist after it was announced that Richard Jones, an attorney representing Hunter Biden in his federal gun charge case, filed the appropriate paperwork to take himself off the case, reported Fox News.

"Mr. Biden has been advised of, and consents to, our withdrawal. He also agrees this withdrawal will cause no material adverse effect or prejudice to him and remains completely satisfied with Messrs. [Abbe] Lowell’s and [Bartholomew] Dalton’s continued representation of him," Jones' filing read.

It's unclear why Jones made the sudden move, but it's difficult to blame him.

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