Hunter Biden says he is 'embarrassed' by laptop's contents but says device isn't his

 September 12, 2023

During the run-up to the 2020 election, social media companies suppressed reporting on Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop, arguing that the story was Russian disinformation.

However, newly released testimony shows that the president's son has since confessed that he was "embarrassed" by its contents. 

Biden gave contradictory answers in sworn deposition

According to the New York Post, that acknowledgement came in late June as part of a six-hour deposition that Biden was forced to give. Yet Biden still denied that the device actually belonged to him.

The president's son is being sued by computer repair specialist John Paul Mac Isaac, who contends that he was falsely accused of being a hacker and Russian agents.

For his part, Biden is counter suing Mac Isaac, asserting that the former computer repair shop owner illegally distributed his personal data and invaded his privacy.

The paper noted how Mac Isaac's attorneys contend that Biden's "confused and dishonest responses prove fatal to all facts alleged in his counterclaims."

President son uploaded images of himself to a pornographic website

In a court filing seeking to have Biden's case dismissed they took issue with his claim of being "embarrassed" by images contained on the laptop that would be "highly offensive to a reasonable person."

They pointed out how much of this material was actually "voluntarily shared by [Hunter] Biden with others through the website, 'Pornhub.'"

"The use of the 'reasonable person' standard should clearly not apply to Biden … It seems what would embarrass a reasonable person does not embarrass Biden," the lawyers argued.

The attorneys went on to assert that Biden exhibits a "lack of concern about using his father’s political ties to close deals with foreign countries, some of whom are considered adversaries with the United States (i.e., People’s Republic of China)."

"Who took all those photographs of you digging into piles of crack?"

Hot Air contributor Jazz Shaw made light of Biden's apparently contradictory claims in a recent piece titled, "Hunter: I'm embarrassed by things on what totally wasn't my laptop."

"Even more preposterous is Hunter’s apparent claim that it wasn’t his laptop to begin with. (Or if it was, he has no recollection of it.) Really?" Shaw wrote.

"Then who took all those photographs of you digging into piles of crack like a pig chasing truffles and cavorting with a collection of hookers in multiple locations?" the journalist asked.

"And who else were you allowing to use your email account to correspond with your former business partners and your father?" Shaw added.

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