Hunter Biden sees sobriety as key to his father beating Donald Trump

 February 27, 2024

President Joe Biden has said privately that he worries that son Hunter Biden will relapse into his addiction because of the stress caused by all of the investigations into his family and the charges against him.

Hunter Biden told Axios in an exclusive interview that he sees his sobriety as necessary to his father beating former President Donald Trump.

"Most importantly, you have to believe that you're worth the work, or you'll never be able to get sober. But I often do think of the profound consequences of failure here," Hunter said.

"I have something much bigger than even myself at stake. We are in the middle of a fight for the future of democracy," he continued.

His sobriety

It's an odd statement since he readily admitted that he was still in the grip of addiction when his father announced he was running for president in 2019.

The family had tried an intervention with him, but it had failed. He then went off to California, where he still lives, to hide.

He finally got sober literally days after he married current wife Melissa Cohen, who he credits with helping him finally beat his addictions. 

He has had repeated drug tests since August 2023 and has passed them, Axios said.

He and Cohen now have a son together, named Beau after his older brother who passed away from cancer in 2015.


There has actually been recent speculation on talk radio that a relapse by Hunter could actually help the Biden family avoid scrutiny.

If he has to return to rehab, after all, the investigations would have to be delayed, possibly until after the election.

If Hunter is in rehab, he won't be available to answer questions or testify before Congress about his father's involvement in his business dealings and how an estimated $24 million came into the family's bank accounts even though no products or services were offered.

Not only that, but a Hunter Biden relapse could engender sympathy from the public and another reason to blame Republicans for doing their due diligence to figure out exactly what the Bidens have been up to during the past decade or more.

Surely the Bidens would not be that calculating, though, would they?

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