Hunter Biden Vulnerable To Federal Tax Charges

 September 26, 2023

When it was announced that Hunter Biden was going to have to go to trial over gun charges, it was a minor victory.

Why was it a victory?

Well, it was a victory because it Hunter Biden facing SOME charges is honestly better than what a lot of Americans expected would happen.

American liberals assumed he would get away with it because Hunter had never had to answer for his actions previously, so why would he have to start now?

Some Republicans didn't think there was any chance to get Hunter for pretty much the same reasons. With all of the layers of protection and government tape that you have to jump through to get to Hunter Biden, what were the chances that you were ever going to be able to corner him at all.

It was a victory, but a minor victory.

Why was it only a minor victory?

You know what our government cares about.


They say they care about children, the homeless, voting rights, the fight on abortion, public safety...

They DO NOT.

The ONLY thing that America's federal government cares about is money.

That's because our federal government is filled with powerful families who have ruled over the rest of America for YEARS, and have no intention of ever giving up that power.

The Pelosi family, the Bush family, the Obama family, the Feinstein family, the Clinton family, the Cuomo family, the Biden family...

All of these elites have been in power for far too long. Hunter Biden was never going to face the wrath of these types of people until he messed with their money.

When the court decided to try Hunter on gun crimes, and not tax crimes, they were throwing out the charges that everyone knows the federal government would have taken most seriously.

Maybe there's still a chance.

Hunter was reportedly off the hook on the tax charges because Special Counsel David Weiss let the statute of limitations expire on Hunter Biden's $124,000 of unpaid taxes.

A bombshell revelation might change all that.

The statute of limitations can't expire if Hunter Biden still hasn't paid his debt.

Obviously, Hunter Biden NEVER PAID.

Will Hunter ever be held responsible for that, though?

Only time will tell.

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Thomas Jefferson
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