Hunter Biden was almost hit with sex trafficking charges: Report

 September 30, 2023

Several Republican-led House committees are relentlessly digging into Hunter Biden and his family's business dealings, and uncovering bombshell news along the way.

According to Fox News, the House Ways and Means Committee made headlines last week after releasing a mountain of documents that included tons of jaw-dropping revelations about Hunter Biden, including the revelation that the Justice Department considered slapping him with sex trafficking charges.

The trove of documents was released to "coincide with the House Oversight Committee's first impeachment inquiry hearing against President Biden on Thursday."

The impeachment inquiry process kicked off last Thursday, and included testimony from the first three witnesses called.

What's happening?

Given information obtained from the infamous "Laptop from hell," among other documents, Hunter Biden was apparently no stranger to the world of prostitution.

Because of that, "according to the document, Jack Morgan, an IRS tax crimes prosecutor, in October 2020 sent nine cases regarding Hunter Biden and prostitutes to Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf," Fox reported.

Fox News noted:

Morgan highlighted several instances of Hunter Biden paying escorts to journey from New York and Boston to Los Angeles for sex, the Washington Free Beacon reported. Wolf sent the list to her associates, but the matter appears to have concluded there.

Many believe Hunter Biden had plenty of protection within the ranks of the Justice Department to keep him out of serious trouble for a long time.

Impeachment inquiry underway

The House Oversight Committee, which has led the charge in establishing a connection between President Joe Biden and his son's business dealings, kicked off the impeachment inquiry with fireworks regarding their claims that they have plenty of evidence to prove the elder Biden was well aware of what was going on.

The bottom line is that the committee has shown the Bidens alone brought in over $15 million in their foreign influence peddling, over $24 million if you account for their associate's earnings from the schemes," said committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY).

"We have established in the first phase of this investigation where this money has come from: Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, China; it didn't come from selling anything legitimate," Comer continued.

"It largely went unreported to the IRS. It was funneled through shell companies and third parties to hide the Bidens' fingerprints."

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