Hunter Biden's Attorneys File Motions To Dismiss Federal Gun Charges

 December 12, 2023

Hunter Biden’s legal team will stop at nothing to prove that the son of President Joe Biden is above the law.

Hunter does NOT want to take responsibility.

Their latest efforts entail attempting to get all three of Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges dropped.

The federal gun charges stem from when the President’s son allegedly purchased a gun in the middle of his serious drug problem.

In the first motion to dismiss, lawyers argued that Hunter Biden’s Diversion Agreement was violated.

“The Indictment against Mr. Biden must be dismissed because it violates a Diversion Agreement that is in effect between Mr. Biden and the prosecution. In exchange for Mr. Biden giving up various rights—including his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent by agreeing to the Statement of Facts drafted by the prosecution and numerous restrictions on his liberty—the prosecution agreed to provide him immunity for any offense concerning his purchase of a firearm,” read the dismissal statement.

Hunter Biden’s legal team even went on to press that he was victimized simply for being the son of President Joe Biden.

Nice try, Hunter.

It's quite clear that Hunter actually gets special privileges for being Joe's son.

Special Counsel David Weiss is also being attacked by Hunter Biden and his legal team, accusing him of being unfairly appointed and being a sell-out.

“The facts of Mr. Weiss’s high-profile flip-flop speak for themselves, and the fact that he traded his own judgment for the judgment of President Biden’s political enemies is not lost on anyone. In fact, the same Republican House Members who exerted this pressure on Mr. Weiss have claimed credit for causing Mr. Weiss’s about-face,” another motion to dismiss said.

Hunter Biden’s legal team is willing to try anything to get the son of President Joe Biden off the hook.

They even brought the Constitution into their argument. This is a typical move by anyone supporting the Biden family and their crimes – the Constitution does not seem to apply unless it benefits them.

“Quite simply, asking about Mr. Biden’s status as a user of a controlled status is constitutionally irrelevant to whether he can be denied his Second Amendment right to gun ownership,” a different motion to dismiss said.

At this point, Hunter Biden’s legal team is grasping at straws and avoiding the inevitable truth.

Hunter Biden is guilty and he is NOT above the law!

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