Hunter Biden's claim about Chinese profits get a second look

 October 2, 2023

Hunter Biden's claim that he didn't get "one cent" of money from a Chinese business partner is getting a second look after Republicans confirmed that the businessman in question wired a large check to Joe Biden's house. 

The first son issued the blanket denial in a 2019 interview with ABC, the same year that Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR Partners, sent $250,000 to Hunter Biden.

Another Biden lie unravels

When that interview aired, Hunter Biden's foreign business deals were first coming under scrutiny.

House Republicans called attention to the interview in a tweet.

"If Hunter didn't make a cent off of his business deal with [Jonathan] Li, then who did? The Big Guy?" House Republicans questioned.

Republicans recently found bank records showing that associates of BHR, including Li, sent Hunter $260,000. The money was sent to Joe Biden's Wilmington, Delaware home.

A lawyer for Hunter Biden has said there is an innocent explanation for the wires - Hunter Biden was loaning money against his stake in BHR and his only permanent residence at the time was in Wilmington. But there are questions about where Hunter was actually living at the time.

Evidence mounts....

Hunter introduced his father to Li in 2013, and Joe Biden famously wrote letters of recommendation for Li - whose company, BHR, enjoys government backing in China.

Hunter pursued another lucrative China deal - in which his father was notoriously referred to as "the big guy - that netted million for the Biden family.

And Joe Biden's role in firing a Ukrainian prosecutor has caused questions, given the prosecutor's role in investigating a company that paid Hunter a seven-figure salary.

Still, the White House, and its defenders in the media and the Democratic party, have ignored mounting evidence that Joe Biden was deeply enmeshed in his son's finances, and vice versa. Hunter whined in a newly obtained text that he was too broke to pay alimony and needed help from his dad.

This "not one cent" lie from Hunter appears to be the latest evidence of the Biden family's brazen dishonesty and corruption.

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