Hunter Biden's lawyers meet with DOJ

 April 27, 2023

Hunter Biden's lawyers met with federal prosecutors in Washington on Wednesday, raising speculation the president's scandal-plagued son could be chasing a plea deal.

The meeting was reportedly requested by Biden's lawyers, who asked for an update on the seemingly dormant case.

Hunter's lawyer Chris Clark was at the meeting with lawyers from the DOJ's tax division and the Delaware U.S. attorney's office.

Hunter's desperate move

Prosecutors are said to be weighing four different charges: two misdemeanor tax filing charges, a felony tax evasion charge, and a charge for lying on a gun purchase form. Celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz told Fox News' Mornings with Maria that a plea bargain could be in the works.

"It was the Biden people who sought the meeting, which means they're probably in a negotiating mode. People don't seek meetings just for a status report or an update, you can do that on the phone," he said.

U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss, a Trump appointee, has been probing Biden's taxes since 2018.

Biden announced he was under investigation in December of 2020, weeks after details of his overseas business dealings became public on the eve of the presidential election.


NBC reported that there is "growing frustration" at the FBI with the delay from prosecutors. The FBI completed its work a year ago, the report said.

The FBI has itself long been accused of protecting the Biden family by suppressing the notorious Hunter Biden laptop, which the agency first took possession of in 2019.

The laptop detailed Biden overseas ventures in China and Ukraine that enriched Biden and his family, in what many see as a thinly veiled foreign lobbying scheme.

An IRS whistleblower has recently come forward saying he has observed political interference from the Department of Justice in the Biden tax probe, despite President Biden's pledge to let Weiss do his job independently.

Child support dispute

The whistleblower also said that a top Biden official, presumably attorney general Merrick Garland, has lied under oath about the investigation.

Beyond the tax probe, Biden is also facing a child support dispute in Arkansas. At a digital hearing for that case on Monday, Biden's lawyers denied that the infamous laptop belonged to him.

Biden's baby mama, a former stripper, alleges he is withholding information about his finances from the court.

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