Hunter Biden's mounting legal woes could be disastrous for Biden 2024 campaign

 September 20, 2023

President Joe Biden's 2024 re-election bid faces a potentially significant obstacle in the form of his own son, Hunter Biden, and how he is responding to the mounting legal woes that beset him, according to the Associated Press.

The president's team would prefer to keep the public's attention focused on his purported accomplishments as he seeks a second term in office, but that strategy is complicated by the son's headline-grabbing federal indictments and public counteroffensive in the form of lawsuits against critics and the federal government.

Hunter's criminal charges

According to NBC News, Hunter Biden's attorneys signaled on Tuesday that he will plead not guilty to a trio of federal felony gun charges in Delaware related to a 2018 handgun purchase while admittedly addicted to crack cocaine.

He faces two counts of false statements in denying his illicit drug use on the federal gun purchase form and one count of illegal gun possession. Biden's attorneys will undoubtedly challenge the constitutionality of those gun laws, which have already been found unconstitutional in federal court but are being vociferously defended by the Biden administration.

According to The Washington Post, Hunter Biden could also soon face a second criminal indictment from Special Counsel David Weiss over alleged tax crimes related to his dubious foreign business dealings, which follows the scuttling in July of a plea deal on two tax law misdemeanors that fell apart under scrutiny from a judge asking questions about a broad immunity provision hidden inside that deal.

Hunter's public lawsuits

That report from The Post more pointedly revealed that Hunter Biden's attorneys have filed a lawsuit against the IRS over claims that two IRS whistleblowers violated his privacy rights when they shared specific and personal financial information in testimony to Congress that has since been made public.

Biden's attorneys have also filed a lawsuit against a former Trump aide, Garrett Ziegler, who published online much of the data found on Hunter's abandoned laptop from several years ago, according to ABC News.

They accused Ziegler and other unnamed co-defendants of improperly "accessing, tampering with, manipulating, altering, copying, and damaging computer data that they do not own" on that laptop.

In addition, the attorneys for the president's son have also filed a lawsuit against John Paul Mac Issac, the owner of the Delaware computer repair shop where Biden abandoned that laptop several years ago and who shared that laptop's contents with the media and Republicans after the FBI did nothing about it.

Biden impeachment inquiry based in part on son's dealings

Finally, of course, there is the nascent House Republican impeachment inquiry against President Biden himself that is based in large part on allegations of his knowledge of and involvement in Hunter Biden's dubious foreign business dealings and influence-peddling -- knowledge and involvement that the president has strenuously denied for years.

According to The Hill, the GOP-controlled House plans to hold its first public hearing in that inquiry in about a week, and the announcement of that hearing coincided with an announcement that Congress has subpoenaed the bank records of both Hunter and the president's brother James in search of evidence linking foreign income to the president.

All of that is bad news for the president in light of the fact that recent polling from CNN found that a majority of Americans, 61%, already believe that President Biden was involved to some extent in Hunter's questionable dealings in China and Ukraine and elsewhere. And, among that majority, nearly 70% believe the president acted illegally while nearly 30% thought he at least acted unethically.

How will all of this impact Biden's re-election campaign?

To be sure, as the AP noted, there are some in President Biden's corner who continue to maintain that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever -- either by the president or his son -- and believe that everything will be made clear in time in Biden's favor as all of the relevant facts are laid out publicly.

Yet, it is arguably even just as likely, if not more so, that the cloud of dirt and criminal suspicion that surrounds the president's son will negatively impact the father's campaign and doom his re-election bid to certain failure.

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