Iconic Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield Dead At 57

 October 2, 2023

He's dead.

If he wasn't the most famous knuckleball pitcher ever, he's certainly up there.

The legend, Tim Wakefield, is gone at 57.

Most famous for his time with the Boston Red Sox, the team owner quickly put out a statement calling Tim Wakefield "legendary."

"Tim’s kindness and indomitable spirit were as legendary as his knuckleball," Red Sox owner John Henry said. "He not only captivated us on the field but was the rare athlete whose legacy extended beyond the record books to the countless lives he touched with his warmth and genuine spirit."

The praise didn't end there.

"He had a remarkable ability to uplift, inspire, and connect with others in a way that showed us the true definition of greatness. He embodied the very best of what it means to be a member of the Boston Red Sox and his loss is felt deeply by all of us."

The team's Twitter account changed their profile picture to Tim's famous number 49 in his honor.

Tim Wakefield's career was an interesting one.

He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates after being a power-hitting first baseman in college that set home run records at Florida Tech.

After trying to be a fastball pitcher with the Pirates, Tim Wakefield was sent down and ended up perfecting his knuckleball in the minors.

By the time he was back up in the majors with the Boston Red Sox, he was one of the best to ever do it.

Career Achievements:

Despite barely throwing harder than a good high school player, Tim Wakefield amassed 200 career victories as a pitcher, something not many people are able to do.

Wakefield won World Series rings in 2004 and 2007 as a member of the Boston Red Sox.

His career record was an impressive 200 wins and 180 losses, with a 4.41 ERA. Also impressively, he struck out 2,156 opponents throughout his MLB career.

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