Idaho college murder suspect will waive extradition hearing

 January 1, 2023

Fox News reports that Bryan Kohberger, the man who was recently arrested in connection with the Idaho college student killings, is expected to waive his extradition hearing. 

Per Fox:

Bryan Kohberger's attorney, chief public defender Jason LaBar, said Kohberger plans to tell a judge in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday that he will waive his extradition hearing so he can be quickly brought to Idaho to face the charges and is eager to be exonerated.

Monroe County, Pennsylvania, is where Kohberger was arrested on Friday. He was discovered at his parent's residence.

Extradition is required in order to transport Kohberger from Monroe County, Pennsylvania, to Moscow, Idaho, which is where the killings took place and where Kohberger will be held accountable for his alleged crimes.

The latest

Kohberger has been charged with four counts of murder and burglary in relation to the Nov. 13 killings of University of Idaho students Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20.

It appears that DNA evidence played a large role in the Moscow Police Department's connection of Kohberger to the killings. Another key piece of evidence is the fact that Kohberger has a white Hyundai Elantra, which is the vehicle that police, for some time, have indicated may be key to finding the alleged killer.

According to reports, upon being arrested Kohberger asked whether anyone else had been arrested, suggesting that other individuals may have been involved in the killings.

But, Moscow police have made it clear that they believe that Kohberger acted alone.

The investigation of the killings continues, but the authorities believe that they now have in custody the person responsible for the four killings.

What do we know about Kohberger?

One biographical fact that has been learned about the 28-year-old Kohberger is that he is a criminal justice student at Washington State University, which is located about 15 miles from Moscow, Idaho.

The local outlet WPLG-TV reports:

Kohberger just completed his first semester as a PhD student in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Washington State University. He is also a teaching assistant for the university's criminal justice and criminology program, according to WSU's online directory.

More information about Kohberger's background comes from Fox News, which released a report in which Kohberger is described by his former classmates.

In general, the former classmates describe Kohberger as smart, but socially awkward, particularly with the opposite sex. One of Fox's sources speculates that bullying, particularly from the opposite sex, may have "led" Kohberger to carry out the killings. Kohberger's motive, however, has yet to be revealed.

Labar, in his statement, said:

Mr. Kohberger has been accused of very serious crimes, but the American justice system cloaks him in a veil of innocence. He should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise — not tried in the court of public opinion.

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