Ilhan Omar accused of 'Blood Libel'

 April 29, 2024

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar has just been accused of "blood libel."

The accusation comes from the Anti-Defamation League, specifically from the league's CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt.

Greenblatt released a statement on his X account, over the weekend, in which he responded to a recent interview from Omar. Take a look:

Here's what's going on:

You, the reader, are likely away of the protests that have been taking place at college campuses, where many student activists have taken a pro-Palestinian position.

Omar, herself, has personal experience with these protests, as her daughter was one of the protestors. Her daughter, in fact, has even been arrested and suspended for her actions.

Omar, who is herself a pro-Palestinian Democrat, recently decided to pay a visit to one of the centers of these protests, namely, Columbia University. It was here that Omar participated in an interview and made some controversial claims.

Among other things, Omar claimed that the protestors "are joyfully protesting for peace and an end to the genocide taking place in Gazza." The Washington Examiner notes that this is very different from reports indicating that students have called for the death of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and have even threatened some of the university's Jewish students.

Omar also claim that Jewish students ought to be protected "whether they are pro-genocide or anti-genocide." And, it is this claim that Greenblatt particularly took issue with.

"Blood libel"

In his statement, Greenblatt said that Omar's claim that there are "pro-genocide" Jewish students is "patently false."

"It is patently false and a blood libel to suggest that ANY Jewish students are 'pro-genocide,'" he wrote.

Greenblatt added:

It is gaslighting to impute that Jewish people are somehow at fault for being harassed and menaced with signs and slogans literally calling for their own extermination. It is abhorrent that a sitting member of Congress would slander an entire group of young people in such a cold, calculated manner. This is how people get killed.

Greenblatt concluded by calling for Omar, at the very least, to apologize.

But, he said that he will not hold his breath waiting for her to do so, because he knows that no apology is coming.

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