Ilhan Omar compared to Trump by primary challenger

 December 8, 2023

The Democrat running to unseat Ilhan Omar is tying her to Donald Trump in an attempt to win over the liberal voters of her Minnesota district.

Don Samuels is challenging Omar again after coming within 2,500 votes of victory last year.

Omar compared to Trump

A former member of the Minneapolis City Council, Samuels has focused on Omar’s divisive personality and rhetoric.

He connected her to Trump in an interview with Forbes.

“Congresswoman Omar resembles President Trump much more than I do. They are both divisive, they both pick a side and [they] consider part of the American people to be their enemy,” he said.

Of course, Omar herself is known as one of the most fiery critics of Trump in Washington.

She recently labeled Samuels a “sexist” and compared him to Trump after Samuels made a comment on her appearance.

He said she is not “attractive enough” to behave as arrogantly as she does, but he now says he was making a general statement about unresponsive government.

Terrorism an issue

Samuels says he is a “moderate” but he will still be “progressive on the issues.”

It’s hard to see how he could be any worse than Omar - undoubtedly one of the most extreme and anti-American members of Congress.

Within her first year in office, the Somalian refugee came under scrutiny for making comments that many called anti-Semitic and downplaying 9/11 as “some people who did something.”

The ongoing war in Israel has created a fresh opening for challengers to target Omar as soft on terrorism, given her vocal criticism of Israel in its war with Hamas.

And Omar’s district has been scarred by the anti-police movement that she championed in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

Samuels channeled frustration with crime last year to come within striking distance of ousting Omar.

He says this time, he is better prepared for victory.

“I learned that I need to start earlier,” he said. “I’m inspired with the confidence of knowing that I have the group that took us so close – and with a couple more weeks, we could’ve won. So, we have that time in place.”

It’s about time Omar was sent packing. Has the moment finally arrived for some accountability?

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