Ilhan Omar warns that Biden is losing support among Muslim voters

 December 20, 2023

Along with abysmal poll numbers, President Joe Biden is also facing voices of dissent from members of his own party.

An example of that came this past weekend when Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar issued a stark warning to the president. 

Omar says Muslim voters "were very pivotal" in Biden's 2020 win

According to Fox News, Omar's comments came during an interview on Sunday with CBS Minnesota anchor Esme Murphy.

When Murphy asked Omar if she plans to support Biden's reelection effort, the far-left lawmaker responded that she "recently had a conversation with the president."

"Muslims were very pivotal to his election, they mobilized in all the key states. Young people were very instrumental in getting him elected," Omar recalled.

"And what I reminded him is that he needs to listen to these voices. People are heartbroken. It's been really hard to have conversations about politics and policy," she continued.

Congresswoman says president "cannot allow this tragedy to continue"

Omar insisted that "[p]eople just want the images of young children's bodies that are piling up to end, and they want our support for this to end."

At one point Murphy asked the congresswoman whether she supports Biden's handling of the war between Israel and Hamas.

"We cannot allow this tragedy to continue," Omar replied before adding, "We have over 18,000 people who have died, 70 percent of them are women and children.

"And to have our government continue to supply the ammunition that is being used to take these lives is something that I can't support, it is something that we need our government to change course," she insisted.

Michigan Democrats complains that Muslims "are hurting"

Omar's words were echoed by Michigan Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell, who said on "Meet the Press" that Biden risks losing support from Muslim voters in the swing state she represents.

"I know this community. They are hurting. All of us in this country need to understand what's happening in Gaza right now," the Washington Examiner quoted Dingell as saying.

The Examiner noted that Michigan is home to America's largest Arab community and is considered critical to the president's campaign.

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