Imprisoned former Trump adviser Peter Navarro issues stark warning against Biden's weaponized justice system

 June 6, 2024

If President Joe Biden wins re-election, he and his fellow Democrats will continue to use a weaponized justice system to prosecute and imprison conservatives and Republicans who publicly oppose certain aspects of their destructive partisan agenda.

Such is the warning from Peter Navarro, former President Donald Trump's senior economics and trade adviser, who is currently serving a four-month sentence in a federal prison in Florida on a contempt of Congress conviction, despite a pending appeal, Breitbart reported.

Navarro participated in an interview via letters and spoke out against the Biden administration's politicization of the Justice Department while promoting his new book that outlines the policy agenda of a possible second Trump administration.

Imprisoned for contempt of Congress

The Associated Press reported in March that Navarro was forced to report to a federal prison in Miami, Florida to begin serving a four-month sentence after he was convicted of criminal contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena for documents and testimony from the now-defunct Democrat-led House Jan. 6 Select Committee.

Navarro's refusal to cooperate with the Democratic committee's partisan investigation stemmed from his assertion of former President Trump's executive privilege -- a defense that was rejected by a Democratic judge -- and his request to remain free while his appeal of the conviction remained pending was similarly denied by the judge, an appellate court panel, and even Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

The insistence by Democratic prosecutors and judges that he be imprisoned has effectively rendered the appeals process moot for him, as even if he eventually wins the appeal and has the conviction overturned he will likely have already served his full sentence and been released.

Victims of political persecution and Democratic "inquisition"

Asked by Breitbart for his reaction to former President Trump's criminal conviction in New York, Navarro said it was like "deja vu" and highlighted the "parallels" between their two cases. "I’m the first senior White House official ever to be convicted of contempt of Congress. My old boss is the first president ever to be convicted of a felony."

"I’m guilty of nothing more than defending the Constitutional separation of powers and George Washington’s doctrine of executive privilege against a Democrat lawfare attack," Navarro said. "President Trump isn’t even guilty of the misdemeanors he was charged with while these misdemeanors were 'belt and suspendered' into felonies with prison time only through prosecutorial misconduct and judicial chicanery."

"In both my case and President Trump’s, Democrats were involved at every step of the inquisition," he continued. "A Democrat majority in Congress held me in contempt on a strict party-line vote, a Democrat Attorney General prosecuted me despite a more than 50-year policy of absolute testimonial immunity for senior White House advisors, a Democrat judge stripped me of every possible defense before a jury of 12 never-Trump jurors drawn from a pool that voted over 90% for Biden found me guilty."

"With President Trump, a George Soros-backed Marxist DA ran on a platform of putting Trump in prison, a radical Democrat judge in Juan Merchan stripped Trump of both witnesses and defenses, and a Manhattan jury drawn from a pool of voters who went 95% for Biden found him guilty," Navarro added. "In both my case and Donald Trump, this was not equal justice under law but unrestrained lawfare designed to interfere with the 2024 election."

What happened to Navarro and Trump will happen to others if Biden is re-elected

Navarro expressed his belief that former President Trump would be similarly sentenced to prison by a biased judge -- just days ahead of the Republican National Convention in July -- despite a pending appeal that would likely result in an overturned conviction.

Asked if he thought he'd be in the same position if he supported President Biden instead of Trump, the political prisoner replied, "Of course not. This is lawfare unchained, and the Democrats play it for keeps while, at least up to this point, Republicans haven’t had either the balls or brains to fight back Old Testament style. Until the Democrats fear they could wind up in the same prisons they put me and are trying to put Donald Trump, Jeff Clark, Mark Meadows, John Eastman, Rudy Giuliani et al in, they will keep doing what they are doing."

About his message for the America First movement, Navarro said, "Simply, if they can come for me -- and they put me first in leg irons and then in prison -- they can come for you. And the only thing now standing in their way is Donald Trump." He also issued a stark warning about what could be expected in a second Biden term, none of which was good.

Finally, Navarro promoted his new book that is being published while he serves his sentence, "The New MAGA Deal," which outlines the Trump policy agenda for the first 100 days of a second Trump administration, and explained, "It’s the unofficial guide to the Trump 2024 campaign platform, and my mission is to put this blueprint and battle cry for the modern MAGA movement into as many hands as possible."

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