In humiliating failed attack on DeSantis, Biden makes case for school choice

 February 18, 2023

President Joe Biden committing another embarrassing gaffe? Say it ain't so!

According to Fox News, during what Biden presumably believed was a clever attack against Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the president's words turned into a smoldering pile of backfired embarrassment, making a strong case in favor of school choice instead.

Fox explained: "After the College Board accused DeSantis of spreading 'misinformation' and 'slander' against their AP African American Studies course, the governor expressed interest in looking at alternatives to their AP program to use in Florida instead."

Biden tweeted an attack on DeSantis for the news, writing, "I think every kid, in every zip code, in every state should have access to every education opportunity possible. I guess, for some, that isn’t the consensus view."


Biden's words apparently didn't come together as he'd planned, as Twitter users were quick to point out that he had clearly just made a strong endorsement for school choice.

Christina Pushaw, an adviser for the Florida governor, replied, "So you’re for school choice now?"

Former Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVoss seized the moment to chime in on Biden's apparent new position on the issue.

What is school choice?

School choice is the idea that parents should have the freedom to choose which school their child attends, regardless of their zip code or economic status. In a system of school choice, parents are given the ability to opt out of the traditional public school system and instead choose to send their child to a charter school, private school, or another public school outside of their designated district.

Advocates of school choice argue that this creates competition among schools and encourages them to improve the quality of education they offer. Additionally, proponents argue that school choice promotes equity by giving low-income families access to better schools that they might not have been able to attend otherwise.

Democrats can't seem to wrap their minds around any of those simple-to-understand, healthy concepts.

That is, except for President Biden.

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