Indictments continue to backfire, polls show

 September 5, 2023

The Democratic party's attempt to jail their top political opponent appears to be backfiring.

The latest polls show that President Trump is becoming more popular with Republican voters - and he remains competitive in a general election against Joe Biden.

A fresh poll from CNN found Trump's dominant lead in the Republican primary expanding to 34-points over one-time close challenger Ron DeSantis - who comes in at 18 percent compared to Trump's 52 percent.

Indictment backfires...

The same poll in June found Trump was 21 points ahead of DeSantis.

The poll is the latest sign that Trump may have the Republican primary sealed up before it has even begun - as the prosecutions of Trump drive Republicans to sympathize with him and his battle with the "deep state."

While 19 percent said they would never support Trump under any circumstances, that is the lowest percentage of any candidate. 22 percent said they would never support DeSantis - an increase of seven points since May.

A majority of Republicans, 56 percent, are not worried Trump's criminal charges will hurt his candidacy in 2024, the poll found, and 61 percent think Trump is extremely or very likely to be the nominee, an increase of nearly 10 points since the summer began.

61 percent believe Trump's four criminal indictments are politically driven, and just 16 percent of Republican voters say the charges relating to the so-called "insurrection" are disqualifying.

Republicans also said they trust Trump the most to handle the issues they care about, including the economy, immigration, Ukraine, limiting government overreach, and crime.

Keeping Biden on edge....

But Trump isn't just dominating the primary - he remains a formidable threat to Joe Biden's re-election.

The Wall Street Journal found Trump ahead of Joe Biden by one point, a remarkable finding, considering the enormous pressure Trump is under. The same poll found Trump leading DeSantis by a 46-point margin.

The RealClearPolitics average has Biden ahead by less than one percent. Trump was polling substantially behind Biden before the 2020 election, which came down to 50,000 votes in a few swing states.

Of course, Trump is certain to face plenty of disruption. The prosecutions are draining his campaign account, and he's going to be in and out of court over the next year. If he is convicted in one of the left's kangaroo courts, there's no telling how that will impact public opinion.

But so far, the 2024 election is shaping up to be a lot closer than Democrats would like.

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