Indie rock musician Rob Laakso dies of cancer at 44

 May 6, 2023

Indie rock fans were horrified this week to learn that musician, record producer, and engineer Rob Laakso had died at the age of 44. 

According to the website Brooklyn Vegan, Laakso passed away on Thursday after battling a form of cancer known as cholangiocarcinoma.

Laakso is remembered for being a "generous bandmate and the sweetest friend"

Brooklyn Vegan noted that Laakso was known for being associated with banks such as Swirlies, Diamond Nights, and The Violators.

Tributes to Laakso quickly appeared on social media, including from fellow musician Katie Harkin, who called him the "most talented, generous bandmate and the sweetest friend."

Meanwhile, others praised the late guitarist for having been a loving father and husband in addition to an accomplished musician.

"Every day we had together was a miracle"

Brooklyn Vegan pointed out how Laakso's wife put out a statement following his death on a GoFundMe page that had been set up to help cover his cancer treatment.

"I am absolutely shattered to share with you that our beloved Rob passed away quickly and peacefully yesterday afternoon," Mamie-Claire Cornelius wrote on Friday.

"After praying for a miracle every day since he was diagnosed my prayers recently changed to a peaceful home departure surrounded by love. I realize now every day we had together was a miracle," she continued.

Widow says she will dream of her husband "every night until we see you again"

"Lately he pushed through the most insidious pain in efforts to be as present with his children as possible," Cornelius recalled.

"Through it all he stayed stoic so I wouldn’t panic even more, so the kids could keep on living in their sweet and joyful innocence and so his friends and family wouldn't worry," she added.

Cornelius stressed that she is "trying to remember for myself and as an example to carry out to our children how much Rob loved life."

Cornelius also put up an Instagram post which said that she and her children will be dreaming of Laakso "every night until we see you again."

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