Infamous longtime Nebraska abortion doctor dies at 81

 April 30, 2023

The prominent abortion doctor who ran the CARE Reproductive Health Abortion in Bellevue, Nebraska, died overnight on Friday. 

According to WOWT, Dr. Leroy Carhart, 81, an abortion doctor who was also the subject of two major Supreme Court cases, passed away. His daughter confirmed his death.

A statement released by the family noted that to carry on his legacy among the pro-abortion crowd, they will continue to fight to make abortion "accessible."

"CARE is dedicated to honoring Dr. Carhart’s memory by making abortion accessible, especially later in pregnancy," the statement read.

Supreme Court cases

Steinberg v. Carhart was a U.S. Supreme Court case in 2000 that revolved around a Nebraska law banning partial-birth abortions. Carhart challenged the law, arguing that it was unconstitutional because it didn't provide an exception for the health of the mother.

The case aimed to determine whether the law placed an "undue burden" on a woman's right to choose an abortion, a right previously established in the landmark case of Roe v. Wade.

SOCTUS, in a 5-4 decision, ruled in favor of Carhart and struck down the Nebraska law. The majority opinion, written by Justice Stephen Breyer, argued that the law was too vague and could potentially criminalize other common abortion methods.

Additionally, the high court held that the law's lack of a health exception for the mother was a violation of the Constitution.

The case clarified the requirements for state abortion laws, ensuring that they must consider the well-being of the mother and not impose undue burdens on her right to choose, at least prior to the overturning of Roe last year.

Social media reacts

Carhart's death was certainly not mourned by many, given that he spent his career ending the lives of countless babies.

"If he did not repent of his sin, and ask Jesus to save his soul he is most definitely is down under Burning in everlasting fire ..." one Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user added: "Now he gets to face all those little souls he prevented from having a life."

"I would not want to be him ... He finally met his maker and the same maker of all those babies he slaughtered. Bad moment for him..eternity is forever no matter which side you go to," another user wrote.

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