Inspector general report found border barriers to be effective at stopping illegal crossings

 December 19, 2023

Despite a raging migrant crisis, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden both maintain that building a wall along America's southern border is not the answer.

However, a report from the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general appears to destroy their argument. 

Report found physical barriers to be the most cost effective approach

That's according to Just the News, which reported that a watchdog group called the Immigration Reform Law Institute recently published documents it obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

They show that an assessment of 25 border areas carried out in 2017 found the erection of physical barriers were the most effective means of stopping illegal crossings.

Other security measures were also examined, including sensors, cameras, mobile surveillance radars, and the deployment of additional law enforcement personnel.

Nevertheless, the report concluded that building physical walls was the most cost effective means of preventing unlawful entry.

"Border barriers are the most effective means to prevent illegal immigration"

For its part, the Immigration Reform Law Institute released a statement this past Thursday which touted the inspector general's findings.

"An internal DHS report confirms what most American citizens already understand: border barriers are the most effective means to prevent illegal immigration across our southern border," it read.

"The main takeaway from the audit is this: Physical barriers work. They successfully impede illegal traffic into the U.S. and do so at a cost-effective rate," the statement explained.

The statement concluded by saying, "Ultimately, the old adage that 'good fences make good neighbors' holds true. And, the only safe, humane and reasonable approach to deterring unlawful migration across the southern border of the United States is to construct a 'border wall.'"

Poll shows just over half of registered voters want a border wall

Meanwhile, Fox News conducted a poll put out this weekend which found that 54% of registered voters would like to see a wall go up along America's southern border and 58% support deploying troops.

However, those figures broke down sharply along partisan lines. Whereas 88% of Republicans favor constructing a border wall, that view is held by just 25% of Democrats.

Sending soldiers to secure the border also appears to be a contentious issue, with 82% of Republicans supporting such a move compared with 36% of Democrats.

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