Interview with Obama biographer yields eyebrow-raising insights

 August 6, 2023

Though former President Barack Obama has long enjoyed the benefits of his carefully crafted personal story, a recent interview with his biographer suggests that not everything the public has been led to believe about their onetime commander in chief is quite what it seems – with rumors of homosexuality having come to the forefront, as Fox News reports.

A flurry of recent headlines emerged from author David Garrow's sit-down with Tablet magazine, one in which the man responsible for the 2017 work Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama was discussed in great detail.

Curious revelations abound

Perhaps one of the most striking topics to surface from Garrow's Q & A with David Samuels relates to romantic entanglements in which Obama was involved as a young man.

Specifically, Garrow recounts his knowledge of Obama's relationship with Sheila Miyoshi Jager, who was the eventual president's girlfriend back in the 1980s, long before he rose to national prominence.

Though Obama had himself said in the past that he and Jager – a white woman – ultimately parted ways as a result of his growing embrace of “Black racial consciousness,” Garrow indicates that the split was actually due to his unwillingness to “condemn antisemitism.”

However, this thread of Obama's personal story is not the only arguably explosive revelation contained in the outlet's chat with the writer.

“It's about homosexuality”

Garrow also detailed to Samuels his interactions with a woman named Alex McNear, who was Obama's girlfriend during his time at Occidental College, and who cooperated with Garrow as he researched Obama's early adult years, going so far as to produce letters she had received from the future president.

Despite what Garrow described as McNear's interest in having “her role known,” she did redact one piece of the aforementioned correspondence with her former beau, saying only that “it's about homosexuality.”

Garrow further explained that an individual named Harvey Klehr was assigned to review the letters – housed at Emory University – but despite Klehr's longstanding relationship with the school, he was forbidden from taking photos of the documents and was forced to scribble down what he saw.

According to Garrow, the letter at issue includes Obama's musings to McNear “about how he repeatedly fantasizes about making love to men.”

Harsh assessments

Those seemingly scandalous tidbits aside, Garrow's broader assessment of Obama is largely unflattering, with the author concluding that his subject's autobiography Dreams from my Father was little more than “historical fiction” and that despite recurrent talk of the former president's potential as a possible Supreme Court justice, he is, in fact, quite ill-suited for such a job.

“He'd be terrible because he's too lazy. This is in the book. It goes back to him being Hawaiian,” Garrow explained, pointing to an admission Obama himself made during their talks.

Portraying the former president as someone concerned primarily with his place in historical lore and the esteem in which he is held by elites, Garrow asserts that Obama “has no interest in building the Democratic Party as an institution. I think that's obvious. And I don't think he had any truly deep, meaningful policy commitments other than the need to feel and to be perceived as victorious, as triumphant.”

“I've sometimes said to people that I think Barack is actually just as insecure as Trump, but in ways that are not readily perceived by the vast majority of people,” Garrow added. Some, however, might instead contend that it is not so much a problem of the public's perceptive abilities, but rather the lengths to which the mainstream media establishment has gone over the years to deify Obama and co-sign the fictionalized life story he promulgated.

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