Investigators focus on Biden's brothers as part of ongoing investigations

 November 12, 2023

The Biden family has become increasingly scrutinized for its lucrative business dealings around the world, but it's not just President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden under the gun. 

The president's brothers, James Biden and Frank Biden, have also gained national notoriety as a result of the ongoing investigations.

Both James and Frank seem to have enriched their lives off of the Biden name, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Their involvement in "trading" the Biden name for profit is "at the center of an impeachment inquiry by House Republicans" that began in September, the WSJ noted.

How involved?

It's unclear at this point the level of involvement that Biden's family members had in trading their last name for financial and political gain, but reports indicate that it wasn't common for Joe to be included in phone calls and other meetings to wield the power of his political connections.

The WSJ noted:

Family members would take phone calls from Joe Biden during their business meetings and occasionally include him in the conversations, a practice that was interpreted by some who witnessed it as an attempt to show off the connection to power, according to former business associates.

Not surprisingly, a spokesperson for James Biden denied that he ever used his older brother or his last name to unlock new opportunities.

"Jim Biden has been an entrepreneur and executive for more than five decades and is clear that he always conducted himself ethically and honorably in all his business dealings," the spokesperson said.

However, a growing mountain of evidence points to the contrary for both Biden brothers, including Frank Biden, who reportedly would interrupt business phone calls to say he had to take a call with his brother, "the big guy."

The WSJ noted:

During a weekly call, Frank Biden, 69 years old, would frequently interrupt the meeting and say he had to take a call from “the Big Guy,” as he put it.

Subpoenas issued

Insight into James Biden's involvement in the family business could soon be made public in the wake of Republican investigators issuing subpoenas for Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Rob Walker.

The House GOP Oversight Committee issued the subpoena, which could be monumental in the ongoing investigations into the Biden family's various business dealings.

For his part, President Joe Biden has insisted that he had no involvement in the family business at all, though mounting evidence tends to paint a much different picture.

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