Iranian journalist stabbed as he was heading to work, counter-terror investigation opened

 April 1, 2024

The Iranian media community was shaken up this week after an Iranian journalist was stabbed multiple times in front of his home in what could have been a terrorist-driven attack. 

According to Daily Mail, Iranian authorities have opened up a counter-terrorism investigation into the stabbing attack of journalist Pouria Zeraati outside of his London-based home.

The Head of the Met's Counter Terrorism Command indicated that given the victim's occupation, the law enforcement unit is "keeping an open mind."

Luckily, Zeraati was listed as being in stable condition after being rushed to the hospital following the horrific stabbing ambush carried out by two unidentified subjects.

What's going on?

The attack happened as Zeraati was headed to work. He was reportedly approached by a man who said he wanted to talk to him, and that's when the nightmare unfolded.

As the stranger asked for his attention, another man reportedly came up behind Zeraati and began slashing him with a knife. A third suspect reportedly acted as the getaway driver and the trio disappeared.

The country's counter-terrorism unit issued a statement regarding the stabbing attack.

"While we are keeping an open mind, given the occupation of the victim and our publicised concerns about the threat to employees of that organisation, the investigation is being led by the Counter Terrorism Command," said Commander Dominic Murphy.

He added, "I must stress that, at this early stage of our investigation, we do not know the reason why this victim was attacked and there could be a number of explanations for this."

"While we continue to assess the circumstances of this incident, detectives are following a number of lines of inquiry and our priority at this time is to try and identify whoever was behind this attack and to arrest them."

Media responds

Iran International English reported the attack in a post on X.

"Iran International's journalist @pouriazeraati has been attacked with a knife outside his house in London. He has sustained injuries but is in a stable condition. The matter is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police. The attack comes after the Iranian regime's 2022 plot to kill two @IranIntl television anchors @Sima-Sabet and @FardadFarahzad," the Iranian news outlet wrote.

The outlet has been at deadly odds with Iran, which once labeled the news outlet a "terrorist organization."

Only time will tell if the investigation reveals that it was a targeted hit.

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