Iraqi TikTok star gets assassinated

 April 28, 2024

An Iraqi social media star has been assassinated. 

The Daily Mail reports that Om Fahad was recently shot dead.

"Iraqi TikTok sensation Om Fahad has been shot dead outside her Baghdad home in an apparent assassination, according to Iraqi security officials," the outlet writes.

It adds, "An unidentified attacker shot the popular influencer in her car in the Zayouna district, a security official said, requesting anonymity."

What we know:

The BBC reports that the attack on Fahad, whose real name is Ghufran Sawadi, was carried out on Friday.

A person with a gun, according to the outlet, drove up to Fahad on a motorbike and then shot her before taken off. It appears that the shooter was alone.

"An Iraqi security source told the AFP news agency that the attacker appeared to have been pretending to be making a food delivery," the BBC reports.

At the time of this writing, the shooter has not been identified. The motive for the shooting has also yet to be established.

Iraq's interior ministry has put together a "specialized work team" to investigate the killing.

Who was Om Fahad?

As stated earlier, she is most known for her social media presence, particularly on TikTok. At the time of her death, she had tens of thousands of followers. "The online celebrity had become known for light-hearted TikTok videos of herself dancing to Iraqi music wearing tight-fitting clothes," the Daily Mail reports.

This got her into trouble with the Iraqi government. The Daily Mail reports that, "in February 2023, a court sentenced Fahad . . . to six months in jail for sharing 'videos containing indecent speech that undermines modesty and public morality.'"

This, according to the outlet, was part of a campaign that the Iraqi government launched "to clean up social media content that it said breached Iraqi 'morals and traditions.'" The country's interior ministry searched social media for content that it found offensive, and this is how Fahad ended up in jail.

Fahad is also known to have recently gotten into a feud with fellow social media influencer Dalia Naeem, who is also known as the "Iraqi Barbie." The BBC reports:

More recently, a feud between Fahad and fellow influencer Dalia Naeem has escalated. Naeem - who is known as "Iraqi Barbie" due to her many plastic surgery procedures - had been threatening to expose Fahad's alleged relationship with senior Iraqi officials, media reports say.

Whether this has anything to do with Fahad's assassination is unclear.

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