Israel arrests the director of Gaza's Shifa hospital over terror involvement

 November 25, 2023

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) arrested Shifa Hospital director Mohammad Abu Salmiya this week.

The director was reportedly involved with Hamas terror actions in Gaza, according to evidence obtained by the IDF.

The hospital

"In recent days, the IDF uncovered the terror tunnels beneath the hospital, which had tapped into the hospital’s own electricity and water supplies," Breitbart News reported.

"The IDF also concluded that soldier Noa Marciano, who was taken captive by the Palestinian Hamas terror organization on October 7, had been murdered in the hospital," it added.

The statement

"A joint statement issued by the IDF and Shin Bet said Mohammad Abu Salmiya had been arrested and was being interrogated on suspicion of enabling the hospital to be used by Hamas as an operations center," the Times of Israel reported.

“Mohammad Abu Salmiya was arrested along with several other senior doctors,” Khalid Abu Samra, a chief of department at the hospital, said earlier Thursday.

The tunnel network

"The development follows the discovery of what Israel claims is a 55-metre tunnel beneath the 20-acre complex, which it says Hamas has been using for military purposes," Sky News reported.

"At one end it contains a blast door with a firing whole, according to the IDF. At another entrance troops found a bathroom, a kitchen, and an air-conditioned meeting room, the IDF added," according to the outlet.

The arrest comes after the IDF has destroyed over 300 tunnels in Gaza, including the one under the hospital. The tunnel networks were a major method used for both hiding and planning purposes, including as a way to transport hostages.

The Hamas attacks on Oct. 7 took the lives of over 1,400 Israelis. The IDF has since retaliated in an effort to rescue the 240 hostages. Over 30 Americans were also killed in the attacks by Hamas.

Despite controversy from some, the arrest of the hospital director serves as a key part of stopping Hamas from operating in Gaza, with the director holding key information important to how the terror group operates underneath its hospital and in the region as part of the group's efforts to attack and kill Israelis.

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