Israel Defense Force Claims To Have Found 1,500 Hamas Bodies

 October 11, 2023

Regardless of which side you're rooting for, assuming you prefer peace, this isn't the news you wanted to hear:

The death toll for both sides continues to grow.

There are mass casualties for both Israel and the Hamas terrorists.

Jerusalem has reported that their national death toll has gone way past 900 bodies.

Hamas may have suffered even more deaths, with the Israel Defense Force reporting that they have found the bodies of over 1,500 Hamas terrorists in Israeli territory.

Good news for the people of Israel, the Israel Defense Force has been able to seal the border to Gaza and mined gaps.

That doesn't mean they're out of the woods yet, as further incursions by Hamas troops are certainly possible.

Spokesman for the Israel Defence Force (IDF), Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht, has gained some worldwide attention recently because he was born in Scotland and speaks with a strong Scottish accent.

He's the man telling the world that the bodies of 1,500 Hamas terrorists had been found in southern Israel as of October 10.

Sickeningly, the attack on Israel resulted in the highest number of Jews killed in a single day since the Holocaust.

We wouldn't forgive the Holocaust, so Hecht doesn't want this to be swept under the rug either.

"This is the largest number of… Jews killed in one day since the Holocaust… it was a surprise attack… they started this. We have to put that in mind."

While so many Hamas soldiers being dead in Israel is probably a minor victory for Israel, we have to keep in mind the cost that was paid to achieve those casualties.

So many Jewish people have been senselessly killed already, and the high number of soldiers that Hamas has committed to this attack may signal just how serious they are about exterminating an entire group of people.

It continues.

Anyone who is willing to lose 1,500 men is probably willing to lose more as well.

If Hamas remain committed to this attack and a drawn out war becomes reality, America might not be able to sit on the sidelines for too long.

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