Ivanka Trump denounced false notion that 'with money comes happiness'

 October 31, 2023

There is a misconception among some people that vast wealth can purchase true happiness or sidestep the normal pains of life, but former first daughter Ivanka Trump disabused that incorrect notion roughly 20 years ago, according to The List.

In fact, Trump revealed how "upset" it made her that some people actually believed the "downright stupid" idea that money solved all of life's problems.

Ivanka denounced false notion that "with money comes happiness"

In 2003, Ivanka Trump was one of several ultra-wealthy young heirs to vast fortunes who participated in a documentary titled "Born Rich" that was directed and produced by Jaime Johnson, at that time the 20-year-old heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical empire.

According to Slate, the brief documentary provided a revealing look into the lives and concerns of Johnson's multimillionaire friends, some of whom were shallow and self-centered but also including others, such as Ivanka, who provided unexpectedly insightful commentary on their unique situations.

At one point in the film, Trump recalled an incident at a modeling gig in Australia in which a man she didn't know approached her and asked, "What does it feel like to be wealthy?" as well as "What does it feel like to never have felt any pain?"

"That really upset me," she said. "Not because I was upset for myself, but because I was upset for him."

"I was bothered by the fact that he could be so ignorant," Trump continued. "And, like, that there are people out there who could say such a blanketed thing and just be so downright stupid and not sure [of] the brain that they have."

She added, "That’s what bothered me. Not the fact that anything he said really wounded me deep down, just the fact that there are really people out there who think like that. To think that with money comes happiness."

Ivanka has experienced pain and loss like everybody else

To be sure, as The List acknowledged, Ivanka Trump has led a largely pampered and luxurious life as the eldest daughter of real estate tycoon-turned-President Donald Trump, and she has rarely if ever lacked any of her material wants and needs.

Yet, she has also endured painful and sad experiences in life, just like everybody else, that can't be alleviated by any amount of money.

One particular early example of such would undoubtedly be the messy public divorce of her parents, Donald and Ivana Trump, when she was only around 10 years old, followed much more recently by the heartbreaking loss of her mother in a fatal accidental fall in 2022.

She has also gone through some ups and downs in her personal relationship with her father over the years, especially now as he seeks a second term in the White House while also facing mounting legal woes that stem from his entry into the political realm in 2016, which had the unfortunate side effect for Ivanka of making her a target for expressions of hatred from those who politically oppose her father.

Money can provide a lot but not everything

Of course, there is no denying that there is some element of happiness that comes with money and wealth and all of the material things that those resources can provide, and Ivanka would be among the first to admit that she has largely led a charmed life in that regard.

But money and wealth are also little comfort in terms of the loss of a loved one, strained interpersonal relationships with family members, or being mercilessly and incessantly attacked on a personal level by hateful and "ignorant" strangers with "downright stupid" misconceptions about the shared pains of life that everyone must endure at some point.

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