Ivanka Trump fights attempt by New York AG to have her testify in father's case

 October 23, 2023

According to the Washington Examiner, Ivanka Trump is trying to avoid having to testify in her father's civil fraud case. 

Bennet Moskowitz is one of former President Donald Trump's attorneys, and the Examiner reported that he filed a motion regarding Ms. Trump last week.

Lawyer claims Ms. Trump has not be tied to company since 2016

Moskowitz' filing asserts that Ivanka Trump has not been involved with the Trump Organization since 2016, and the Examiner noted that an appeals court previously dismissed her from the case.

What's more, the filing also points out how Ms. Trump no longer resides in the state of New York, a fact which should prevent her from being subpoenaed.

"The NYAG knows this, which is why it has subpoenaed three corporate entities as an end-run around its failure to pursue Ms. Trump's deposition when it had the chance," Moskowitz wrote

However, this hasn't prevented New York Attorney General Letitia James from seeking to have the former president's daughter appear as a witness.

Crime reporter says prospect of daughter testifying should "terrify" Trump

Sean O'Driscoll serves as senior crime and court reporter for Newsweek, and believes it is no mystery as to why James is seeking Ms. Trump's testimony, stating that the prospect "should terrify her father."

"Ivanka has been by her father's side her entire adult life and was previously executive vice president of the Trump Organization and a senior adviser in her father's White House," O'Driscoll declared in an article published on Monday.

"There are few people with her knowledge of Donald Trump's business affairs," he pointed out, making it all the more obvious as to why she would oppose being involved in his trial.

O'Driscoll recalled how her attorneys submitted a brief of their own this past Thursday that read, "Trial subpoenas are not a means for parties to get discovery, which they failed to obtain during pretrial proceedings."

"The New York Attorney General, which never deposed Ms. Trump, is effectively trying to force her back into this case from which she was dismissed by a unanimous decision of the Appellate Division, First Department," the lawyers stressed.

Trump threatened with jail time over gag order violation

"Ms. Trump is not a party in this action. Nor is Ms. Trump a New York resident. It is black-letter law that, given those two facts, Ms. Trump is beyond the jurisdiction of this Court," the lawyers concluded.

Possible testimony by Ivanka Trump was not the only recent point of contention in Mr. Trump's New York civil trial, as last week he was threatened with jail time.

According to NBC News, Judge Arthur Engoron became "livid" on Friday after it emerged that a post that Trump had deleted from Truth Social continued to be visible on his campaign website.

This was despite the fact that Engoron had previously imposed a gag order prohibiting Trump from making disparaging remarks about court staff.

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