Ivanka Trump pays tribute to Mr. Rogers, shares New Year's advice

 December 31, 2023

Former President Donald Trump frequently brags about his children, and rightfully so -- they're good kids.

In a recent post, his oldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, shared a heartwarming piece of New Year's advice that included a clip of Fred Rogers, the longtime star of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood."

In the clip, Rogers relayed advice from his mother that essentially says during times of catastrophe to always "look for the helpers."

Mr. Rogers passed away in 2003.

What did he say?

"You know, my mother used to say a long time ago whenever there would be any...catastrophe that was in the movies or on the air, she would say, 'Always look for the helpers. There will always be helpers. You know, just on the sidelines,'" he said in the clip.

Rogers continued, "That's why I think if news programs could make a conscious effort of showing rescue teams, of showing medical people—anybody who is coming into a place where there's a tragedy, to be sure that they include that because if you look for the helpers, you'll know that there's hope."

Ivanka Trump played off of Rogers' message of hope and positivity, reminding her followers that it's simply great advice.

"As we approach the new year, let's carry the timeless wisdom of Mr Rogers with us: In these challenging times, always look for the helpers. Their presence is a beacon of hope and humanity. Their courage and kindness light the way forward. Wishing you all joy, love and hope," Ivanka Trump wrote.

Social media reacts

Social media users reacted to Ivanka Trump's post.

"Ivanka is so smart what an amazing lady always looking out for best of American people," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Wise words to embrace in the new year. May you find joy, love, and hope, surrounded by the light of those who lend a helping hand."

"Mr. Rogers' words resonate deeply, especially in times of uncertainty. Acknowledging the helpers brings forth a guiding light, showcasing the best of humanity. Here's to embracing their courage and kindness as we step into a new year," another social media user wrote.

His advice is timeless, and applicable to so many situations today.

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