Ivanka Trump seeks to block effort forcing her to testify against her father in court

 October 23, 2023

Ivanka Trump is working to stop an effort that would force her to testify against her father in court.

Trump lawyer Bennet Moskowitz filed a motion based on the claim that she had not been involved in the Trump Organization since 2016 and should not be required to testify in his New York fraud liability case.

The background

"On top of her lack of involvement in the family business, Ivanka Trump is no longer a New York resident, so any attempt to deliver a subpoena to her is a reach outside James's jurisdiction, Moskowitz argued," the Washington Examiner reported.

"The NYAG knows this, which is why it has subpoenaed three corporate entities as an end-run around its failure to pursue Ms. Trump's deposition when it had the chance," Moskowitz wrote in the filing.

The latest

"An appeals court dismissed Ivanka Trump from the case in June, ruling the claims against her in the lawsuit, from before she left the Trump Organization in early 2017, were barred by the statute of limitations," Forbes reported.

"James’ office is still trying to get her to testify at the trial, issuing subpoenas to multiple corporate entities associated with the ex-president’s daughter," it added.

The case

"James' suit, which is seeking $250 million in damages and the dissolution of the Trump Organization, alleges that Trump and his two adult sons engaged in a years-long fraud scheme by lying about the value and size of Trump Organization assets to get more favorable loan deals and tax breaks," Raw Story reported.

"Judge Arthur Engoron has already ruled that Trump and his associates are liable for fraud, and the current trial is only about assessing damages," it continued.

Despite her close involvement in Trump's first campaign for president, Ivanka has been quiet during his current campaign, staying mostly with her family in South Florida.

The strategy may be part of staying disconnected from her father's legal battles that have served as a major part of his latest campaign.

His New York case and other cases have not stopped his momentum, however, as he continues to lead polls among Republicans and ranks closely with President Joe Biden in his comeback bid for the White House.

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