Ivanka Trump shows support for Israel

 October 11, 2023

Ivanka Trump has pulled back from politics since leaving her father's administration, but she isn't staying quiet in the wake of Hamas' brutal attack on Israel.

Ivanka, who is Jewish by conversion, made a post showing her support for the Jewish homeland in the aftermath of the deadly invasion.

Ivanka reacts to Israel attacks

More than 1,000 Israelis have been killed since Hamas militants launched their brutal attack on Saturday.

Israelis living in border communities near Gaza, including children, women and the elderly, have been kidnapped and killed in barbaric raids.

The savage targeting of civilians has brought heavy condemnation of Hamas and an outpouring of sympathy for Israel, which has declared war as the Jewish state faces its deadliest conflict in 50 years.

The unrest has also brought criticism of Joe Biden and his foreign policy of appeasement towards Iran, which supports Hamas - and retrospective praise of President Trump, on whose watch the Middle East was comparatively stable.

Ivanka Trump served in the Trump administration with her husband Jared Kushner, who is an Orthodox Jew.

"Love and prayers for the people of Israel," Ivanka wrote in an Instagram post.

President Trump

President Trump was sometimes criticized as too favorable toward Israel in his foreign policy, although his critics might be having second thoughts now.

He told a crowd in New Hampshire Monday that the Hamas invasion would not have happened if he were still president.

“Less than four years ago, we had peace in the Middle East with the historic Abraham Accords. Today we have all-out war in Israel, and it’s going to spread very quickly” Trump said. “What a difference a president makes.”

The attacks in Israel have highlighted a threat that President Trump made a focus of his historic 2016 campaign - Islamist terrorism.

Trump pledged to support Israel if elected president and bring back his "travel ban" barring people from terrorism hotbeds.

He also slammed Joe Biden for allowing potential terrorists to enter the United States through the porous southern border.

"The bloodshed and killing that we saw this week will never, ever be allowed to happen on American soil,” he said. “Except for the fact that we have now allowed tens of thousands of probable terrorists into our country.”

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