Ivanka Trump smiling with her family as Donald Trump hit with gag order

 October 4, 2023

The Daily Mail published a spread of photos of Ivanka Trump smiling with her family on an outing as her father, former President Donald Trump, was hit with a gag order in a civil case that seeks to take $250 million from the Trump Organization.

The photos showed Ivanka walking with husband Jared Kushner while their their three children rode scooters in their Surfside, Florida neighborhood on Sunday, just before Donald Trump's civil trial was set to begin in New York.

Trump and Kushner held hands and smiled, looking happy to be together and get some fresh air.

Meanwhile, Trump has raged at prosecutors and the judge in the case so much on Truth Social that the judge has slapped a gag order on him to get it to stop.

Ivanka not distant

Ivanka Trump was originally a co-defendant with her father and brothers in the suit, but she was dropped from the case because the statute of limitations had expired for her involvement.

Prosecutors then put her on the witness list, but she is very unlikely to give them anything that could hurt her family.

That's because even though Ivanka has put professional distance between herself and her father, she hasn't disowned him or the family. They still have a personal and familial relationship.

Lara Trump said as much to Newsweek back in May, and Ivanka said when her father announced his candidacy for 2024 that she would "always love" him.

What about her penthouse?

Since the trial has started, there has been testimony about her penthouse being valued way over the amount given in the lease, but this is also a non-starter because she didn't own the penthouse and wouldn't have used it for collateral or anything.

Its value has nothing whatsoever to do with Trump Organization financial statements, except that the bank probably had to know what her assets were in case anything was defaulted on--which it never was.

Besides, her lease at the time made it very clear that if she wanted to buy the property, it would be at a significantly lower price than its value at the time. So who knows what the actual value was?

There's nothing to see here, but the media is desperate to say that there's a rift between Ivanka and Donald, so they're going to twist things and try to make it look like that's the case.

It'll be interesting to see how the trial plays out, since real estate experts have already pointed out that the judge was using tax valuations to say that Mar-A-Lago is only worth $18 million when it is clearly worth at least hundreds of millions, much closer to what Trump's documents say.

Hopefully, the public has had enough of these prosecutors and judges who are clearly out to get Trump, and someone will be able to do something to stop it.

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