Ivanka Trump's new move may be unsettling for Trump family

 September 22, 2023

Ivanka Trump made a move that could separate her from the rest of her family, according to a new report.

The daughter of the former president was spotted in photos helping with recovery efforts in Maui, assisting after recent wildfires killed dozens of people on the island.

The story

"According to CityServe via DailyMail, Ivanka and the team provided families with places to sleep, access to food banks, and more places that held essential goods. Along with that, Ivanka reportedly used her contacts 'to persuade other businesses to give supplies to residents of Maui,' which led to about $1 million in goods being transported to Maui," She Knows reported.

"Ivanka is the first member of her family to publicly do something to help the people affected by the Maui wildfires," it added.

A secret trip

"Ivanka Trump made a secret trip to Maui a few weeks ago to distribute meals and critical supplies to residents still recovering from the devastating wildfires," the Daily Mail noted.

"The former first daughter joined CityServe International on a humanitarian mission where they distributed 250,000 prepackaged meals for displaced families impacted by the biggest wildfire in U.S. history," it continued.

Not worried

People reported that the Trump family doesn't seem worried that the former president could soon be sentenced to jail.

"Everyone knows he’s not going to jail. No one is worried," a source said of Trump's closest family members.

"That reportedly includes daughter Ivanka Trump, who has largely stayed silent amid the controversy β€” but isn't hiding away," it added.

Ivanka Trump's actions in Hawaii have stood out for being quiet in nature, directly assisting those in need. In contrast, former President Donald Trump offered a speech to support the people of Maui as President Joe Biden seemed slow to respond to the disaster.

Trump may be on a public path in his return to the White House but it's his daughter drawing attention for quietly helping others in need, seeking instead to stay away from the spotlight as she served in Maui.

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