J.D. Vance declares Trump's New York verdicts invalid

 February 5, 2024

Ohio senator J.D. Vance (R) said that President Trump cannot receive a fair trial in "left-wing jurisdictions" like Manhattan, where two juries ordered the former president to pay over $80 million to E. Jean Carroll. 

Vance - one of Trump's most fiery defenders in the Senate - blasted the verdicts as politically motivated and basically invalid.

Verdict invalid?

Trump was found liable in January of defaming Carroll by calling her a liar after she claimed he raped her in a department store in the 1990s.

The judge found before the trial began that a previous jury had already established that Trump raped Carroll. The jury in that prior case found Trump liable for sexual assault but not rape.

New York recently amended its laws to expand the definition of rape in response to the Carroll case, which was funded by Democratic billionaire Reid Hoffmann.

The state had previously changed its laws to expand the statute of limitations for civil rape claims, which enabled Carroll to press a battery claim against Trump. The Adult Survivors Act expired at the end of last year, months after Trump was found liable of sexual battery.

In an interview with ABC's This Week, Vance pointed to the red flags of political motive in the Carroll case and other cases Trump is facing.

“George, if you look at all of these cases, the through line, two-fold. No. 1, they’re funded by Donald Trump’s political opponents," he said.

Trump faces NY kangaroo courts

Vance said the various civil and criminal cases against Trump are designed to hurt his candidacy for the presidency because Democrats "can’t defeat him at the ballot box."

“This case, like so many legal cases against Donald Trump, they’re trumped up — they’re in extremely left-wing jurisdictions, or it’s actually the Biden administration prosecuting his chief political rival,” Vance said.

Recent polls show Trump in a tight race with President Biden, leading Trump to accuse his rival of trying to disable his candidacy through lawfare.

Trump is facing a whopping 91 criminal charges - all in liberal jurisdictions, with the exception of a classified documents case in Miami that was brought by a Biden prosecutor, Jack Smith.

Separately from the Carroll verdict, Trump has been found guilty of fraudulent business dealings in a New York bench trial that concluded in January. The judge found Trump guilty before the trial began.

The verdict has not been released yet, but Trump is facing the potential loss of his business. As the left-leaning AP acknowledged, the punishment is particularly unusual because there are no known victims in the case.

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