Jack Smith takes huge loss in classified documents case against Trump

 November 19, 2023

Special Counsel Jack Smith, in his relentless pursuit to go after former President Donald Trump, took a humiliating loss this week in court.

According to Yahoo News, Judge Aileen Cannon rejected a request from Smith and his team of prosecutors regarding a classified evidence filing deadline he requested that would fall in mid-December.

Judge Aileen Cannon indicated that she won't even entertain setting deadlines before next March.

The deadlines revolve around the specific classified evidence that Trump's lawyers plan to use in his upcoming trial related to the classified documents federal indictment.

Huge hit

Smith and his team of prosecutors took a massive hit with the judge's ruling, as they're desperately attempting to get the trial started as soon as possible.

Many believe they want the trial to start before Election Day 2024 in order to drain as much resources and time from Trump's campaign as possible.

Yahoo News noted:

The move could dash the prosecutors' hope of keeping the currently scheduled May 2024 trial date. Legal experts have noted how contentious and complex discovery negotiations can become in the months leading up to a trial with this volume of classified information at stake.

The court is still attempting to decide the procedure in which it will go through and present the classified information during the trial, which has proven difficult due to the unprecedented nature of the case.

Yahoo News added:

Earlier this month, Cannon agreed to move back some deadlines for pretrial motions in order to help the defense team deal with issues related to their ability to view the classified materials at the center of the case.

Calls for her removal

While Trump's supporters and Republicans are in agreement with the judge's decision, those who are salivating to see Trump go through the trial as soon as possible believe Smith should go to another court to have the judge removed.

"I think that Judge Cannon’s latest move may prompt Jack Smith to appeal to 11th Circuit, and hopefully also seek her removal. She is trying to delay the case until after the election, and holding the place for the trial to potentially push out Fani Willis as well. Be bold Jack," one X user wrote

Only time will tell what Smith and his prosecutors will try next. They're clearly losing ground they thought they'd never lose.

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