Jack Smith to present Trump's cell phone data as evidence at trial

 December 13, 2023

In a shocking twist in former President Donald Trump's federal election interference case, Special Counsel Jack Smith announced a new evidence strategy.

According to the Washington Examiner, Smith and his team of prosecutors will deploy an expert witness to provide testimony regarding Trump's White House cell phone data.

The expert witness has reportedly already "extracted and processed data" from the former president's White House cell phone, including Twitter activity.

The revelation came via a recent court filing.

What's happening?

Smith's court filing explained the expert witnesses' role in translating the cell data in the upcoming trial, and noted their credentials.

"Expert 3 has knowledge, skill, experience, training, and education beyond the ordinary lay person regarding the analysis of cellular phone data, including the use of Twitter and other applications on cell phones," Smith's filing read.

It added, "The Government expects that Expert 3 will testify that he/she: (1) extracted and processed data from the White House cell phones used by the defendant and one other individual (Individual 1); (2) reviewed and analyzed data on the defendant’s phone and on Individual 1’s phone, including analyzing images found on the phones and websites visited; (3) determined the usage of these phones throughout the post-election period, including on and around January 6, 2021; and (4) specifically identified the periods of time during which the defendant’s phone was unlocked and the Twitter application was open on January 6."

While it's unclear exactly what the expert witnesses will say, some believe that given their credentials as experts in geolocation and other technologies, they'll likely present data showing the locations of defendants.

The Twitter data from his phone will likely be checked to see who approved any posts regarding attacking former Vice President Mike Pence.

Many on social media view the new evidence strategy as one of desperation.

Social media erupts

It didn't take long for people to react to Smith's court filing, with many writing off the new evidence strategy as a joke.

"This is freaking unbelievable. Jack Smith doesn’t have a crime, so they’re looking for one on Trump’s cell phones. A blatant extension of Obama’s illegal wiretap. Fascism much. Hillary bleach bit her phones to hide her crimes and nobody cares," one X user wrote.

"Jack Smith should be disbarred and put in jail!" another X user wrote

Only time will tell if Smith's strategy pays off. Many believe it will backfire like everything else.

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